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Bagged vacuum cleaners use traditional vacuum bags to collect dust, and they are generally more hygienic than bagless models. View our wide range of bagged vacuums below, and receive free shipping on all orders over $99!

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Bag Vacuum Cleaners


Bagged vacuum cleaners are always a popular cleaning choice, particularly as many people grew up with a bagged vacuum in the house. Traditionally, bag vacuums were the only choice as every vacuum cleaner had a bag, but in the last 20 years bagless vacuum cleaners have been introduced to give customers a choice. Many of the top brands produce excellent bagged vacuum cleaners which are stocked by Godfreys, including Miele, Sauber, Wertheim, Electrolux and more. Bagged vacuum cleaners are generally regarded as more hygienic, and you will find that a lot of our Anti-Allergy and Asthma vacuum cleaners have vacuum bags to help trap the dirt and ensure that it never escapes back into your home.


The National Asthma Council has also selected several bagged vacuum cleaners stocked by Godfreys to be part of their Sensitive Choice program, which is for products to assist with asthma in the home. For a comprehensive overview of the benefits and disadvantages of owning a bagged vacuum cleaner, please visit our section on Bagged vs Bagless vacuum cleaners. If you are looking for more information on bagged vacuums, you can find your nearest Godfreys store using our Store Locator and the friendly vacuum cleaner experts their will be able to help you out. We can also offer free shipping on all bagged vacuum cleaners over $99 for your convenience.