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Barrel vacuum cleaners follow traditional vacuum design and come in a range of shapes and sizes. View the range of barrel vacuums available at Godfreys below, and receive free shipping on all orders over $99!

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Canister Vacuum Cleaners


Barrel or 'canister' vacuums are a well-recognised vacuum design and include powerful motors in some models. Many of the top brands produce excellent barrel vacuum cleaners, and Godfreys stock Miele, Hoover, Wertheim, Sauber, Vax, Electrolux, Bissell and Pullman amongst others. Barrel vacuums are generally low to the ground, are towed around behind the user and come in both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaner designs. When dealing with a bagged barrel vacuum cleaner, most customers find that it is very easy to remove the vacuum bag compared with other models. They are very popular in many homes due to the fact that they are generally compact vacuums, and many are also lightweight which adds to their appeal.


They can be stored in a variety of locations and most barrel vacuums are powerful compared with other vacuum cleaner types, often having higher Air Watt ratings. A lot of commercial machines are barrel vacuums, as this makes it easier to manouevre in a commercial environment, and in particular wet and dry vacuums are almost exclusively available in barrel design. If you are interested in more information on barrel vacuums, you can read our section on Upright vs Barrel vacuum cleaners to help you understand the differences in cleaning outcomes. Godfreys also offer free shipping on all barrel vacuum cleaners over $99, and if you have any questions on our barrel vacuum range please contact us for more information.