A Guide To Carpet Shampooers

Carpet Shampooer

Carpet cleaning has never been easier. Anyone can do it themselves, and save time and money in the process!

There are several different models to choose from, from entry-level carpet shampooers right through to premium carpet shampooers that can handle almost every cleaning situation. They're really not that hard to use, and they can save you an absolute fortune in professional carpet cleaning!



Helpful Hints When Choosing A Carpet Shampooer

- For the best results, select a shampooer with a rotating brush to get down deep into the carpet pile and remove embedded dirt and allergens


- Consider the type of house you have - do you have stairs? Do you have pets? Look for carpet shampooers that specifically address these conditions


- Carpet shampooers with heaters on board use hot water to increase the overall cleaning power of the shampooer, and double rows of brushes are available on some machines which will also increase your cleaning results

- Some shampooers also have specialised upholstery tools, which allow you to clean your lounge suites, chairs, car seats, mattresses, pet beds etc as well as stubborn stains and quick clean ups


Using a Carpet Shampooer


-   When preparing to shampoo your carpet, always give your carpet a deep clean, preferably with a powerhead vacuum cleaner, before shampooing. Removing as many of the allergens, dirt and dust mites as possible with a powerhead vacuum before shampooing will significantly increase the quality of the result. If you or members of your household have asthma, you may want to consider an asthma vacuum cleaner to clean especially well


- Gently test the carpet shampooer on a small area of carpet to ensure the settings are correct

Red wine spill

Don't 'overdose' the shampoo solution, it is better to go over a dirty spot twice than put excess shampoo in the carpet

- If you have pets you can use a pet odour shampoo to help remove pet smells that are embedded in your carpet

Use your carpet shampooer when ever you see an area getting grubby, or after a spill. You don't need to wait a whole year to shampoo your carpet each time!


- When finished shampooing, run a tank of clear water over the heavy cleaned areas (e.g. entrances and walkways). This will help remove excess shampoo and keep those areas cleaner for longer. It also helps to rinse out the shampoo from inside in the machine


- When your carpet is dry, vacuum again to remove any loose particles suspended on top of the carpet before anyone walks on it




Remember... carpet is an investment in your home. Owning your own carpet shampooer will save you time and money, and helps to look after your investment as well as your families health.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any Godfreys staff member - we are experts in carpet shampooing and we'll be able to help you out!




Heather Bakker

Godfreys Mt Barker