Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers are becoming increasingly important, as indoor air quality can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air. Godfreys are committed to keeping your home clean on all levels, and as such we stock a wide range of air purifiers and humidifiers that you can browse below. Enjoy free shipping on all online air purifier orders over the value of $99!

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Pollution in the air can be an issue no matter where you live. The Australian Government reports poor indoor air quality can have many negative effects on your health, including skin irritation, neurotoxic symptoms, hypersensitivity and chronic illness. We're committed to keeping your home clean, and this includes your air. Browse our range of air purifiers below and get yours today for a healthier home.


Air Purifiers and humidifiers

You clean the surfaces in your home, so why wouldn't you hold the air you breathe to the same standard? At Godfreys, we stock a variety of air purifiers and humidifiers that can help make your home a cleaner and more comfortable space to live in.


A massive range of top brands

We believe in bringing the best possible cleaning solutions to every Godfreys customer. When you shop with us, you can choose from a selection of well-known brands that will not only do the job, they'll do the job well.

Expect to find brands such as Doctors Choice, Hoover and Home Hero in our range of air purifiers and humidifiers.


The latest technology for the best results

Indoor air can carry dust, dirt and mould spores, along with airborne bacteria and viruses. This is not ideal for people living with asthma or allergies. Air purification is a good way to maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family, and choosing the most up-to-date technology possible can give you the best results. We offer products that have a range of innovative features like HEPA filters, which will depend on the specific model you choose. Click through to each product to see the features included.


What is a HEPA filter?

One of the common features you may see listed for air purifiers is a HEPA filter. This stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. A HEPA filter utilises 3 methods of particle capturing to ensure a high degree of dust and particle removal from the air. Due to the superior air-cleaning properties of HEPA filters, they are ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Spend over $99 and get free delivery

If you order online and spend more than $99, you can get free delivery to anywhere in Australia. Alternatively, if you have a Godfreys store near you, you can use our click & collect service – just add your products to your online cart, and when you proceed to checkout, select the "Click & Collect" delivery option.

At Godfreys, we're the experts in clean, and our friendly team of professionals can help you to determine which air purifier or humidifier is right for your home. Contact us online or head down to your local store to chat to someone in person.