From the makers who brought you the Thermomix comes the Vorwerk Kobold VK200: A vacuum to be reckoned with. Boasting an extensive number of innovative features, this chic, sleek cleaning machine is not just a vacuum: it’s a whole cleaning system. These are 3 of the things we’re loving with the latest model from Vorwerk Kobold.

1. It has an attachment for every surface

When we say the VK200 is a complete cleaning system, we mean it. The range of accessories included (or that can be purchased in addition with the vacuum cleaner) are comprehensive and can meet every need. For floor attachments, you have a hard-floor head which can be used on most floors, an automatic electric brush, and even a carpet freshener.

Possibly the most revolutionary vacuum cleaning attachment to date is the Kobold SP530 Hard Floor Mop, which gives you the power to vacuum and mop your floors at the same time. Have your floors looking flawless in half the time with the Hard Floor Mop attachment.

The wide range of above-floor cleaning tools means there’s an attachment to clean upholstery, cars and mattresses, and nozzles for dusting shelves and hard-to-reach places. No matter the surface, there will be an accessory suitable for cleaning it spotless.

2. The awesome cleaning results

Not just a fancy name, the VK200 has powerful suction capability. In unison with the Kobold EB400 powerhead, your floors will receive a thorough and deep clean with every single use. The fully automatic floor detection allows for the perfect performance power to be used for every floor condition, regardless of whether it’s tiles, hardwood or carpet.

In combination with superb cleaning results, the VK200 is low in energy consumption, making it an energy efficient model to use in the home.

3. It was made for user comfort

With so many high-tech, high-powered vacuums on the market, how does the VK200 stand out from the crowd? This is clear in the level of care and attention to detail that went into designing the VK200; it was made to be as comfortable and easy-to-use as possible, while also getting the job done effectively.

Protecting your back while vacuuming is a top priority. This is why the Kobold VK200 has been fitted with a telescopic, easily adjustable stick handle, a power switch located on the top handle, and for added ease, all floor attachments can be changed without needing to bend down! With effortless manoeuvrability, the VK200 will make cleaning your home a breeze.

Bonus: The Kobold VK200 is as impressive on the outside as its interior is. Pristine white and sleek, the VK200 and its attachments look impeccably modern and stylish from every angle. Vacuuming the house has never looked so glamorous.

Fallen in love with the VK200? Purchase it online or drop into your local Godfreys store to pick up one today.