Happy woman thanks to her new Hoover vacuum cleaner

With so many brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, it can be tricky narrowing down on one that will perfectly suit your home. The Hoover brand is one that you can unconditionally trust to deliver on power, performance, and convenience.

The best Hoover vacuum cleaner for you will depend on your lifestyle and household requirements. To help you decide on the model best matched to your needs, we’ve rounded up a few of the top hoover vacuum cleaners.

1. Hoover React Cordless Advantage Handstick

Hoover React stick vacuum

One of the finest models to come out of the Hoover range, the Hoover React is utterly sophisticated from the outside in. This would be ideal for anyone needing a high-powered Hoover stick vacuum to manage in-between cleans without scrimping on effectiveness.

This superior tool is all you need to give your home a thorough top-to-bottom clean. The included accessories and innovative features ensure a systematic clean that will keep the dirt, debris and dust from building up in your home.

2. Hoover Action Power Head Bagless Vacuum

Hoover Action Power Head

Those after the best Hoover bagless vacuum need the Hoover Action Power Head. Powerful suction plus a compact design enables the deepest clean of your home without you having to heave a weighty machine behind you. Convenience is everything with this particular model, with all the necessary features included to ensure vacuuming is a breeze.

For those who have pets or asthma, the Hoover Action Power is a fantastic choice that will deliver outstanding results to keep your home spotlessly clean.

3. Hoover Power Pet Handstick

Hoover cordless vacuum

From October 2018, pet owners will have a product to get super excited over. The Power Pet Handstick was designed for those wanting a Hoover cordless vacuum that has the capability to handle copious amounts of pet hair without compromising on performance. The specialised accessories that come with the Hoover Power Pet will ensure every nook, crevice and furniture piece stays hair-free and squeaky-clean.

4. Hoover Performer Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Performer Plus Robot

Lounging around while someone else does the vacuuming for you? Yes, please. You don’t need to pay a professional cleaning service to make this possible. With the Hoover Performer Plus, all the work is done for you.

This robot vacuum has an impressive runtime of 45 minutes along with 3 cleaning settings (Spot Clean, Auto Clean and Turbo Clean) to ensure your cleaning needs are met. The advanced sensors mean the vacuum can navigate effective cleaning without running into obstacles.

The Hoover Performer Plus would be best suited to low-maintenance homes that doesn’t have pets.

5. Hoover Cordless Lithium Handvac Skin

Hoover cordless handvac

For all your above-floor cleaning needs, you’d be hard-pressed to come by a more capable vacuum than the Hoover Cordless Lithium Handvac. With exceptional power in a sleek, modern design, you’ll be able to effectively clean all those hard-to-reach places in the home. Fuelled by lithium, this handvac will run for longer with better energy levels.

If you find yourself doing many spot-cleans throughout the week or constantly needing to keep the couch clear of cat fur, the Hoover Cordless Lithium Handvac is for you.