There’s no way around it: the weekly clean is boring. Sure, you feel pretty good once you’re done and have a squeaky-clean house to enjoy. But, for the most part, cleaning is a fun-free zone.

Change up your regular cleaning routine and make those mundane tasks more enjoyable by getting stuck into an addictive podcast. A good podcast can help increase productivity and motivation while also making the time pass significantly faster.

With endless podcasts to choose from, how can you possibly pick one that you know you’ll love? We’ve rounded up some of the most entertaining podcasts for you to pop on next time you clean.

Not sure where to listen? If you have an iPhone, the podcast app comes built into it and is the easiest place to search for podcasts. For Android users, it’s Google Play Music. Alternatively, Spotify is a free streaming service you can use.


The Teacher's Pet podcast

True crime is the bread and butter of addictive podcasts, and this Australian tale is sure to have you gripped. Broadcasted by The Australian, The Teacher’s Pet follows the unsolved disappearance of Sydney housewife Lynette Dawson. Her body was never found, and her husband Christopher was assumed as the main suspect.

Perhaps the most unusual titbit that will have you intrigued: Just days after Lynette went missing, Christopher moved one of his students into their home.


Dirty John podcast

If you can’t get enough of true crime stories, the most curious case of Dirty John will be a treat. A different take on the usual crime stories you’re used to, this story follows a lady of the name Debra Newell and her online romance with a seemingly charming man named John.

Not all is what it seems with John, as holes in his story appear and strange events continue to take place, ringing alarm bells for Debra’s family.


Anna Faris podcast

If pop culture, celebrity interviews and relationship talk is more your style, the incredibly delightful Anna Faris Is Unqualified is worth your listening time. In one of the funniest podcasts to keep you entertained while scrubbing the kitchen countertop, Anna Faris (from films such as Scary MovieHouse Bunny and Just Friends) chats to celebrity guests and takes phone calls from listeners who are after relationship advice.

Her charming demeanour, quick wit and comedic timing make for an easy listen.


Gilmore Guys podcast

Fan of the Gilmore Girl series? This podcast is a must-listen. The two hosts (Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe) go through episode by episode to analyse, discuss and chat about every element of the show in depth.

What is a seemingly dull idea for a podcast turns out to be an absolute hit, as the two hosts create a funny, light-hearted and – yep – addictive show that those who don’t even watch or like Gilmore Girls can enjoy.

Top tip: Start with episode 307 – They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They (with guest star Jason Mantzoukas).


Stuff You Should Know podcast

Want more educational podcasts? Put on Stuff You Should Know next time you pull out the mop. This award-winning podcast goes through each episode explaining how anything and everything works. If you’ve wondered it, there’s probably an episode for it.

From How Psychopaths Work (episode #339) to North Korea: What’s the Deal? (episode #441) and everything in between, your brain will soon be jam-packed with newfound knowledge.

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