If you haven’t heard about the Kobold VK200 yet, prepare to be dazzled. From the makers of Thermomix, this state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner has been crafted with all the latest technology and advanced features to create the ultimate upright vacuum. If you’re looking to invest in a top-quality, super chic vacuum cleaner, we’ll tell you why you can’t go past the VK200.

1. It Has Fully Automatic Floor Detection

Using Ultrasonic Sensors, the EB400 powerhead is able to detect different floor types – such as hard floors or carpets – and regulate its performance power to suit the specific floor setting. With this snazzy element, you know your floors will be receiving the deepest clean possible.

2. You’ll Make a Saving on Your Energy Bill

The VK200 has been given a big tick for high-standard cleaning results matched with low energy consumption. This means that while you may spend a little more initially to invest in an energy-efficient model, you’ll save dollars off your power bill each time it comes in. And, of course, you’ll help the environment a little bit at the same time.

3. You Won’t Have to Suffer Back Pain from Vacuuming

Difficult and uncomfortable positions are unavoidable when it comes time to vacuum, right? Wrong.

The VK200 has been made as back-friendly as possible, fitted with an ergonomic, adjustable telescope handle that is lightweight and swivels for easy manoeuvrability. The main switch is located conveniently on the handle grip and all attachments can be changed without bending down, so you can remain as upright as possible throughout the vacuuming process.

4. Your House Will Have the Cleanest Air

Allergy sufferers will have a breath of fresh air in their own home, with the VK200 greatly improving air quality. This model is able to capture an extraordinary 99% of allergy-inducing particles, so you know that when your house is clean, your air will be too.

5. Cleaning the House Will Never Be Easier

The VK200 converts to an exceptional, multipurpose cleaning system, so the tools you need to keep your house spick and span are all there at the touch of a button. Every consideration was made for the easiest use; one of the newest features, the LED filter bag level display, was designed so you can tell when the filter bag needs changing simply when the LED lights beam up completely orange. And changing the filter has never been this easy: just open the flap, insert the new bag and hey presto, it will unfold automatically when switched on.

Top time-saver: Using the Hard Floor Mop attachment with the Kobold VK200, you’re cleaning time will be cut in half! Vacuum and mop at the same time with this floor accessory to achieve sparkling clean hard floors with minimal effort.

Thinking the VK200 is everything you dreamed of and more? Check it out online or visit your local Godfreys store to pick up one in person.