Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners - Which is Better?

Forget the Australia Vs New Zealand underarm cricket incident of 1981, Marmite Vs Vegemite or One Direction Vs Justin Bieber - in the world of vacuum cleaners the biggest rivalry is Bagged Vs Bagless.

Like most things, both options have pros and cons which is why we, here at Godfrey's, have decided to write this blog - to make your choice as easy as possible!


Bagged Vacuum Cleaners - The Pros and Cons




In a nutshell, bagged vacuums have a dust-bag inside the main compartment which stores dust, dirt and other nasties as you clean. Depending on the type of bag you use it can either be thrown straight in the bin or emptied and replaced.


 Pros of owning a bagged vacuum cleaner




Easy, hygienic disposal

Bagged vacuum cleaners are more hygienic than their bagless Bagged Vacuum Cleaner examplecounterparts as the dust is contained within the bag meaning you don’t have to empty it and risk getting dust all over yourself or the floor. Some bags even come with an automatic closing device that covers the inlet hole during the disposal process, providing even more dust protection for the user. Bagged vacuums are recommended for people with asthma or allergies.

More efficient suction

In bagged vacuum cleaners, air travels from the hose straight through the bag, through the motor and filters and out through the exhaust of the machine which allows for more efficient and powerful sucking.

 Clog resistance

Most of today’s newer bagged machines are compatible with ant-clog bags which greatly reduces the risk of the bag being clogged with dirt and reducing the suction power of your cleaner. This saves time, money and will help give your floors a more consistent clean.


 Disadvantages of owning a bagged vacuum cleaner





Unless your machine uses reusable vacuum cleaner bags then the cost of running a bagged vacuum cleaner is slightly more than that of a bagless vacuum.


Unless you use bags with the anti-clog technology mentioned above then there is a chance that as the bag fills up the suction power decreases. This means that sometimes they need to be replaced before they are 100% full, especially in cases where extra fine dust has created a dense barrier against the suction flow.




Bagless Vacuums - the pros and cons





There are two types of bagless vacuum cleaner - filtered and cyclonic. Filtered bagless vacuum cleaners rely on a filter located within the dust canister to trap the dirt, whereas cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners use the power of cyclonic action to separate the dirt from the air and trap it in the canister without the use of a filter. Cyclonic bagless vacuums are generally more efficient than filtered bagless vacuums.


Advantages of owning a bagless vacuum cleaner






Most bagless vacuum cleaners have a transparent canister which Bagless Vacuum exampleallows you to see how dirty your floors are (this could also be considered a con) and is very handy in case you accidentally suck up something valuable like jewellery, money or a piece of Lego.

 Filter Maintenance

To minimize the expense of replacing the filters regularly, most filters can be brushed or shaken clean for a period of time before they are eventually discarded.

 Replacement Frequency

Filters do not need to be replaced as frequently as most bags, saving time and money.


Disadvantages of owning a bagless vacuum cleaner





 Filter Expense

In some cases, the total cost of filter replacements can exceed that of replacing paper bags.

 Exposure To Dust

While emptying the dust chamber, and especially when cleaning the filter, you can unfortunately come into contact with a significant amount of the unhealthy organisms that make up household dust. This exposure can be harmful to health, especially in cases of asthma and allergies

 Inefficient Suction Pathways

Due to the air flow of most bagless chambers, the suction is channeled along twisting and turning pathways, which impacts the delivery of the suction and airflow generated by the motor.


If you are still unsure whether a bagged or bagless vacuum is suitable for your home, simply visit your local Godfreys store and the product experts there will help you out - it's what we do best!

You can view our full range of bagless vacuums and bagged vacuums here.