Cleaning accessories

Doing a proper clean of the house fortnightly or even weekly may sound like a nice idea, sure.

But, in reality, most of us are lucky to find time for this once a month (if that). And even if you do manage to clean weekly, it’s amazing how quickly dust, grime and grease build up in just a short space of time.

Fortunately, there are many simple and inexpensive cleaning accessories readily available to help you maintain your home between the big spruce-ups, regardless of how frequently they occur.

These nifty accessories are great to keep stocked in the house to be used as you need them. Once you have them, you won’t know how you lived without them.

1. Water squeegee

Often forgotten, a squeegee is useful to have in the cleaning kit. Squeegees are quite versatile and a quality one applied correctly will achieve great results. Not only for windows, squeegees can be used on mirrors, tiles, bathtubs and shower doors to keep your bathroom looking immaculate as well as hygienic.

Bonus tip: you can use your squeegee to get stubborn pet hair out of the couches. Run the squeegee along the exterior and then vacuum up the now loose hairs.

2. Indoor cobweb broom

This dome-shaped cobweb broom fitted with a long, extendable handle is the tool you never knew you needed. Fitted with soft bristles for catching dirt, this broom is a necessity for knocking away cobwebs from high-up places and jostling dust out of ceiling corners with ease.

3. Microfibre cloths

If you don’t have a stack of microfibre cloths handy, now is the time to stock up. Microfibre cloths are the most effective cloths for cleaning and reducing the amount of bacteria present. They can be used wet or dry and have eliminated the need for several household cleaning products.

A dry microfibre cloth is an effective duster as it picks up and holds onto any dust it comes across. You’ll only need water to moisten a microfibre cloth to clean sinks, mirrors and surfaces to leave them sparkling.

4. Grout brush

Presenting your home beautifully starts with pristine floors. To keep your tiles looking spotless you’ll need to maintain brightened, fresh-looking grout. Grout is prone to staining easily and accidental spills are more than likely to occur in the kitchen and dining areas.

A soft grip grout brush with stiff bristles will be beneficial to have on hand for attending to spills right away and for removing any grime that has been caked in.

Top tip: Baking soda and water make a great paste to use for successfully scrubbing your grout until it’s gleaming.

5. Water soluble solvent

There’s no need to use petroleum, chlorinated or glycol ether solvents for tough cleaning anymore – environmentally friendly water-soluble solvents are in. With natural and renewable ingredients, Orange Solv will work wonders in removing grease, tar and ink. It’ll even get rid of chewing gum that has stuck to the carpet.

Keep a bottle of this multipurpose solvent in the cupboard to use as a carpet spotter when accidents occur.

6. Spray bottle and trigger

Every house should be equipped with a few empty spray bottles for dispensing your cleaning solutions. These accessory gems are so versatile and might encourage you to experiment and try out your own DIY household cleaning products.

There are plenty of recipes and ideas online to get you started. Perhaps you’d like to make your own stain remover or air freshener? Or you could simply fill one with water and use to mist your indoor plants?

The ideas are endless and you will find so many uses for this simple, everyday item.

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