Couple moving house together

Moving into your first home can be very exciting, but it can also get quite stressful. When there’s so much to organise, it can become overwhelming very quickly. You’ll be:

  • Planning your budget
  • Signing the lease
  • Setting up the internet and electricity
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Buying the essential furniture
  • Organising the change of address.

Among all these tasks, it’s quickly forgotten how important it is to be stocked and ready with the necessary cleaning accessories. To spare the irritation of running back and forth to the store, we’ve put together a list of the cleaning tools you’ll want in the home ASAYMI (as soon as you move in, obviously).

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

So easily overlooked, but a multi-purpose cleaner is necessary from the get-go. It’s especially important when you first move in, as any cleaning completed prior to you getting the keys may have been done a while ago, so dust will have had the chance to build up again.

It’s good practice to give the surfaces a spray and wipe before you unpack all your belongings. And of course, you’ll end up using it daily after you move in.

Microfibre Cloths and Reusable Wipes

Microfibre cloths are an absolute must have in the cleaning kit for a new home. These cloths are super effective for collecting dust as well as reducing the contribution of waste caused by paper towels. You’ll also want a few reusable wipes and sponges for the kitchen sink; it’s a guarantee you’ll be needing them as soon as you finish your first meal.

Toilet Bowl Brush and Cleaner

You won’t want to forget this one! Bathroom cleanliness should be a top priority at all times in your new home. A toilet bowl brush and toilet cleaner will definitely be needed straight away so don’t forget to put it on the list. Your guests and any fellow housemates will thank you for it.

Vacuum Cleaner and Handheld Vac

Before you move in, invest in a good vacuum cleaner and handheld vacuum. Or better yet, why not purchase a stick vacuum that converts into a detachable handvac? Not only will you need to give the place a good vacuum before setting up all the furniture, it’s a necessity you can’t go without in your house.

Stick vacuums are the perfect solution for those who just want to do a quick and easy clean without any of the hassle. They’re cordless, lightweight and manoeuvrable – what more could you need?

A Steam Mop

Why waste time and energy cleaning with a mop and a bucket that uses harsh chemicals, when you can use a steam mop instead? Steam mops are a great addition to the cleaning closet of a new home for efficient, effective cleaning, and for this reason they’ve become increasingly popular over the years.

They’re easy to maintain, easy to use, and will save you from endless scrubbing at stubborn stains. And they only require tap water to sterilise your floors.

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