Cleaning Advice for Pet Owners


We all love our pets. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person (or both!), our pets often become part of the family and they each have their own unique personality.  

The downside of being a pet owner is that your pets can also make cleaning your house a nightmare! Luckily, the vacuum cleaner experts here at Godfreys have some handy advice for pet owners.


Cleaning homes with catsCat Vacuum Cleaners

Cats have a tendency to curl up on furniture and leave behind fur which is often hard to remove, particularly on their favourite sleeping spots. Cats with strong personalities also tend to fight with each other and leave trails of fur across your carpet, which can be frustrating when it occurs on a daily basis.

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If you own cats, find a vacuum cleaner with a turbo hand tool. This attachment can be used to easily remove cat hair from furniture and upholstery, and can also be used on rugs and carpet.  

Turbo hand tool






As well as a vacuum cleaner, it may be worth looking at a carpet shampooer to help remove smells and stains that your cat leaves behind on carpet and furniture. These can often work out cheaper than hiring professional carpet cleaners. 

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Cleaning homes with dogsDog Vacuum Cleaners

Dogs can sleep anywhere at any time, and they tend to leave dog hair all over the place. They can bring dirt into the house and you also get the odd ‘accident’ around the house, particularly with younger dogs!

 Godfreys Recommends...

If you own dogs, find a vacuum cleaner that has a motorised powerhead. A powerhead is designed to remove pet hair from your home with minimal effort, and some powerhead vacuums also have accessories that can be used to clean furniture and also groom your dog so that they leave less hair lying around in the first place!


We also recommend both steam mops and carpet shampooers for dog owners. This way if your dog leaves a mess, you can use the steam mop to loosen the tough stain, and then run the carpet shampooer over the area to remove all remaining mess from your carpets. 


If stains are an ongoing problem with your dog, then you may need a more powerful carpet shampooer. Some carpet shampooers even have special ‘spotlifters’ that can target stubborn stains on carpets and furniture.

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Pet Vacuums

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner to help clean up after pets, then have a look at Godfreys range of pet vacuum cleaners. With a wide range of vacuums and carpet shampooers that are designed specifically to combat pet hair and stains, you’re sure to find something to help you out!

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