Cleaning with pet

Pets turn a house into a home, but they can bring an additional amount of mess along with them! With all the hair and smells, along with chewing and scratching, it’s no wonder pet owners have to work twice as hard to maintain cleanliness in their home.

While cleaning up after your furry friend may feel like a constant uphill battle, these smart tricks and tips will help ease the workload and keep your home looking spick-and-span.

How to Remove Pet Hair from the Home

How to get cat fur off couch

Hair – or more accurately, the shedding of hair – is an issue for all pet owners. Maybe you just vacuumed that morning, but the floor and furniture are already recoated in a layer of fur by the afternoon. Don’t despair – there are easy ways to remove pet hair from furniture.

Rubber Gloves

The best way to clean dog hair from the couch is super simple. Wear a pair rubber gloves (the kind you’d use to wash the dishes) and sweep your hands across the couch. The fur will come off easily by sticking to the rubber.


Similar to rubber gloves, squeegees are able to effectively get dog and cat fur off couches, carpets and car seats. They loosen the embedded hair for you, making it easy to vacuum up afterwards!

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

When you’re up against constant shedding, you need to be equipped with quality tools. Be sure to invest in a quality pet hair vacuum cleaner, so you know your floors and upholstery are getting a thorough clean every time.

Top tip: Reduce the amount your dog sheds by vacuuming them with a grooming attachment! Follow our step-by-step guide for getting your pooch used to the vacuum brush.

How to Get the Pet Smell Out of Your House

Golden Retriever in bathtub

There’s no way around it: Dogs have a very distinct doggy odour that can waft into the home and stay there. You may not even notice the smell anymore, but your guests surely will. Along with regular vacuuming and mopping, keep your home scented fresh by incorporating these tips.

Wash the Linen They Lie On

Dogs spend on average 12-14 hours a day sleeping, so their scent embeds in the material they lie on. Their bed, couch cushion covers, pillow cases and blankets should be washed frequently.

Steam Clean the Carpets

That doggy smell is much more pronounced in carpeted homes. While regular vacuuming will help alleviate some of the smell, steam cleaning your carpet every 6 months will do wonders for your home’s scent.

Aerate the House

The more closed up the house is, the stronger the odour will get. On days when the weather is mild, leave the windows wide open to let fresh air in and draw the smell out.

Top tip: You can invest in an air purifier to remove contaminants from the air and have your home smelling even better.

Additional Handy Hints

Pets eating out of bowls

There are many other ways our beloved pets can wreak havoc in the home, but these tips are sure to help!

  • Grease your pet’s food bowl with a little olive oil – it stops food from sticking to it.
  • Spray a citrus scent on the couch to deter cats from scratching (they hate the smell!).
  • Have an old towel and water container ready at the door to wash muddy paws.
  • Keep cats off the counter by placing aluminium foil on the edges.
  • Never be without a lint roller.

They may be messy at times, but nothing compares to the love of a fur-baby. With the help of these cleaning hacks, your home can remain a clean and pet-friendly place.