Organised kid's bedroom

There’s no way around it – kids are messy. Like little human tornados, they tear through the home leaving piles of destruction in their wake. It’s important to teach kids to tidy up after themselves, but you can make this lesson easier for them (and yourself!) by implementing these smart storage ideas and organisational strategies.

Hopefully you won’t have to endure stepping on sharp bits of Lego for much longer!

Get the Kids Involved

Girl tidies up toys

Kids should be a part of the cleaning process from as early on as possible. Not only does this teach them good life skills and responsibility, but it also takes a load off yourself. Children as young as 3 years old should be able to help out and learn to like cleaning.

Fun Ways to Clean Your Room (for kids)

Fun ways to clean your room for kids

Sure, it can be pretty difficult (or close to impossible for some) to get kids excited to clean. Especially as even adults loathe doing chores for the most part. To make the process less painful for everyone involved, try incorporating ways your kids can have fun while organising their room. There are plenty of ideas out there, so you’re sure to find one that suits.

Set a Timer

Turn cleaning into a race by setting a timer and having a small reward ready if your kids finish within the time limit. Rewards can be anything from a piece of chocolate, a dollar coin or allowing television time.

Make it a Game

Games can turn even the most mundane task into a fun-filled activity. If your kids are still fairly young, the colour-coded game is simple yet effective. Simply pick a colour and call it out – your kids then have to pick up any item of the same colour and put it away. There’s also the sorting game, which involves getting kids to put away everything you can wear, then anything you can read, and so on. Different kids like different games, but there are plenty of options out there.

Get Creative with Storage

Storage keeps messy child's room organised

A messy child’s room is difficult to keep organised at the best of times. The most effective course of action is to utilise the space as much as possible. Smart storage is a saviour, especially if you’re low on room.

Utilise the Walls

Walls open up a great storage area and also free up the floor. Install floating shelves and baskets to stow away books and toys with ease. Keeping these items stored up high means they’re less likely to be left forgotten on the floor.

Label Drawers

Instil in your children from early on that everything has a place. Labelling drawers and cupboards will help keep things where they’re meant to be and make for a quicker tidy up after playtime. Separating toys into groups like Lego, stuffed animals and dolls will do wonders for organising the room.

Use Clear Containers

Small items are bound to get lost in big boxes, and you don’t want to waste hours on the weekend trying to help your kid find the action figure they need right this second. Use clear containers to store all small toys and objects (label them as well!) so you can locate any must-have toys in a jiffy.

Find Space Where You Can

Any bare spot could have storage potential. Keep the kids organised by:

  • Installing hooks by the door to store their school bag
  • Positioning drawers under the bed as additional storage
  • Personalising their toy box with their name/ favourite colour
  • Convert an unused closet into a toy storage station.

It’s extra hard to stay on top of housework when the kids are home for school holidays. Keep the house clean while school’s out with these tips.