Is your favourite guy tough to buy for?

We’re here to help you find the perfect present with these great gift ideas for men – without a pair of socks in sight!

Whether you’re shopping for your dad, brother, boss or boyfriend, these gifts for men are sure to tick all the boxes when he rips off the wrapping paper.



Gifts for Tech-Savvy Men

Is the special man in your life a fan of the latest gizmos and gadgets? These cool electronics will make great gifts for him.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Novel and practical, every tech-head can enjoy the benefits of a futuristic robot vacuum cleaner.  He’ll love having clean floors without lifting a finger.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Because who doesn’t want to sing along to their favourite songs in the shower? Waterproof and compact, these genius speakers can be suctioned to the shower wall so he can take his Spotify playlist or latest podcast into the tub with him.

Wireless Phone Charger

Welcome to the future, where you no longer have to fumble with a cable to plug in your smartphone. Get him the gift of convenience with a wireless phone charger so he can simply pop his phone on the pad to juice it up.

Wireless Earbuds

Perfect for running, mowing, travel and everything in between, wireless earbuds are no passing fad. You don’t have to buy the expensive ones, either – you can find a decent pair for a reasonable price at department and electronic stores.



Gifts for Men Who Love Their Car

If your guy takes pride in his car, he’ll love these practical gift ideas for men.

Clean-Up Car Accessory Kit

It’s all in the detailing when it comes to cars, and this clean-up car accessory kit has everything he needs to keep his ride looking its best. With a mini vac kit, hand turbo tool, upholstery brush and more, he’ll be equipped to thoroughly clean his car interior for that crisp new-car feel. Those Macca’s crumbs don’t stand a chance!

Car Boot Organiser

A car boot or interior organiser is a great gift for men who struggle to keep their car neat and organised. From groceries to sporting equipment, he’ll have a home for everything – and won’t have to worry about a rogue apple rolling around the back.

Automatic Cordless Tyre Inflator

Chances are your car-loving man pays close attention to his tyres. Take the hassle out of filling them up with a cordless tyre inflator that automatically turns off when the right PSI is reached.



Gifts for Men Who Love DIY

Got a man who doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves? These presents are perfect for men who love getting stuck into DIY projects on weekends.

Workshop/Shed Vacuum

If your guy fancies himself a bit of a pro on the tools, why not give him a professional vacuum to keep his DIY area clean? A commercial vacuum can handle heavy-duty cleaning to tidy the workshop or shed after his latest project.


Give him somewhere safe to keep his kit with a brand-new toolbox. Better yet, fill it with his favourite beer or snacks!

Soldering Iron

He’ll love using an electric soldering iron to engrave his signature into his latest timber creations. You might like to gift him a book on pyrography for tips and inspiration to go with it.



Travel Gifts for Men

Got yourself a galivanting globetrotter or a keen camper? We love these presents for men who aren’t afraid of a little adventure.

Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

Insulated water bottles have become a must-have in recent years, and they now come in a rainbow of colours and patterns. These are perfect for everyday use, weekend getaways and long-term travel, keeping his cold drinks cold and his hot drinks hot.

Passport Wallet

The ideal gift idea for men who travel overseas, a passport wallet will make his time abroad a whole lot easier. They can store his passport, cards, important documents and more, taking a bit of stress out of his trip.

Travel Backpack

From camping trips to long-haul flights, a travel backpack is handy on many occasions. You can find endless designs with cool features like waterproof materials and slash-proof straps.



Gifts for Men Who Love Their Pet

Calling all doggo dads! If your guy is a sucker for his four-legged friend, why not get him a gift that celebrates his furry family?

Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

A pet hair vacuum cleaner is a staple for all dog and cat owners. Designed with powerful suction and a special brushing action, keeping his floors and furniture fur-free will be a walk in the park.

Custom Photo Stubby Cooler

Stubby coolers are a great go-to for guys, especially if it features photos of his favourite fur baby! There are plenty of websites that let you customise the perfect stubby cooler without costing an arm and a leg.

At-Home Dog DNA Test

Yes, these exist. And yes, they’re an awesome way to discover more about your best mate. These DNA tests can tell your man more about his dog’s ancestry, from breed breakdown to notable traits and drug sensitivities.



Gifts for Stylish Men

These gift ideas are intended for men who like to look sharp and make a statement.

Garment Steamer

If your fellow likes to look his best but isn’t the biggest fan of ironing, we’ve got great news! Garment steamers are an easy and efficient way to smooth wrinkles from his favourite button-ups so he can look crisp in the office or on the town.


Nothing says sophistication like a sleek new timepiece, adding the final touch to any outfit. A watch is a stylish and practical gift for men that can be enjoyed for years to come. Extra brownie points for adding a sentimental engraving!


Another classic gift idea for men who enjoy the finer things in life, you can’t go wrong with a nice wallet. Black or tan leather is a safe (and stylish) bet as it works with any outfit – but if your guy can rock a Velcro wallet, go for it!


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