Using the best carpet stain remover

We like to think vacuuming weekly is enough to keep our carpets clean, but unfortunately it isn’t. Dirt and grime can easily become embedded deep in carpet fibres, making it near impossible to reach with a vacuum.

Luckily, you don’t need to outsource carpet cleaning to a professional. Save your precious dollars and DIY by following our step-by-step guide on the best way to deep clean carpet. With just a few affordable carpet cleaning products, you can remove embedded dirt and wash your carpet fibres, leaving them looking and feeling fresh.

Materials You’ll Need

The number of times you should give your carpet a deep clean depends on your household. If you have pets or kids, deep cleaning is recommended every 3 months. Otherwise every 6 months should suffice.

For a deep clean, you’ll need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet shampooer
  • Carpet shampoo solution
  • Hot water.
  • Top tip: It’s more cost effective to purchase your own carpet shampooer than it is to rent one every time you need to clean the carpets; you can purchase one for as little as $99.

    Steps to Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

    Prepare the Area

    Moving the couch

    Pick up any objects lying on the ground and clear away clutter. Once the ground is free of debris, move lightweight furniture such as chairs and tables out of the room. You can protect heavier items such as bookshelves or bedframes by placing aluminium foil under their feet.


    Vacuum the entire floor area meticulously to ensure you’re getting rid of as much debris as possible. Take extra care to go over the areas which had been covered by furniture. For the best results, use a powerhead vacuum cleaner.

    Prep the Machine

    Carpet shampooer designs vary among different manufacturers. Read through your carpet cleaner’s manual to familiarise yourself with the procedure and controls. Fill the machine with water and your chosen carpet shampooer as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Spot Test

    To ensure your settings are correct and that the cleaning solution won’t stain or change the colour of your carpet, conduct a spot test on an inconspicuous area (such as a patch normally covered by furniture). If you notice any discolouration, you might need to check the machine or use an alternative cleaning solution.

    Commence Cleaning

    A carpet cleaner is the best way to clean carpet

    Once you’re satisfied with the spot test, commence shampooing the whole carpet area. Begin as far away from the entry as possible so you can clean without stepping on wet carpet. Move the cleaner slowly and carefully over the carpet to avoid missing areas. If the floor still looks dirty after a couple of hours, it might need to be redone.

    Redo with Water

    When you’ve finished shampooing, run the machine over the carpet again using just a tank of clear water. This will help neutralise the detergent and remove any excess shampoo from the carpet.

    Aerate the Room

    Woman opening windows

    Leave the room to dry for several hours or even overnight. While the floors dry, keep the room as aerated as possible by opening windows and doors. This will prevent mould and mildew from growing.

    Vacuum Again

    Once your carpets are dry, vacuum the area again to remove any loose debris.

    Doing a deep clean every few months with a good quality detergent is the best way to keep your carpets clean and smelling fresh. You can also use your carpet shampooer after a spill or if you notice an area looking particularly grimy. With a bit of time and care, your carpets will always look their best.