Moving into a rental home is great. You don’t need to worry about maintenance costs, having to make a sizeable deposit, or stressing about how well the market is doing.

However, a bit of a downside to renting is that it can be hard to make someone else’s place feel like your own. And sometimes, the place can look pretty drab without those personal touches – after all, there’s only so many cushions and throws you can put out!

But with some simple stylings tips and décor adornments, you can turn your rental into a welcoming home sweet home. Here’s how.

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Candles lit for ambience

The first step to creating a welcoming, cosy ambience is to invest in some delightful aromas. Quality scented candles are perfect for adding a personal touch that evokes your favourite fragrances as well as filling the house with a lovely yet understated scent to welcome guests in.

Place candles in shared spaces such as the living and dining room (only lighted when you’re home, of course). For a cohesive scent, pick matching diffusers for the bathroom and bedroom.


Warm white fairy lights

Indoor fairy lights add to a warm and cosy atmosphere splendidly. They can be hung up without needing permanent fixtures, with the use of adhesive hooks (which won’t leave marks).

For a subtle look that won’t be too obvious during the day, opt for white-wired fairy lights as opposed to black. Hang them up along the top of windows, in entrance halls, above the master bed, or wherever you like!

Top tip: Fairy lights made for children’s nurseries look gorgeous and come in soft coloured lights that set off a living room with the ultimate charming feel.


Potted house plants

Real or fake, plants look marvellous and add the perfect warm and earthy touch to any home. If you love the look of natural greenery but are worried you can’t look after them, there are many plants which thrive indoors and require little to no maintenance.

Plants will instantly add that splash of colour to the background, and you can also get creative with the pots you keep them in.


A simple fix: Change the lightbulbs in the home to your preference (warm white or cool white) and add a couple of décor lamps around the place.

Good lighting is more important than many people realise for creating inviting interior spaces that you and your guests will love.

The type of lighting that works best will differ room by room. For example, the living room is a cosy space where warm white lighting looks best, whereas you might want cool white lights in the kitchen for better visibility when cooking.


A reading nook by the window

Finally, to truly personalise your rental, incorporate accent pieces and accessories through every room in the house. They don’t have to be expensive! Add a rug to the living room, an accent chair and cushion in the corner, and a dining table centrepiece creation that truly reflects your style for the perfect finishing touch to your rental home.

With these simple additions, your place will stop feeling like someone else’s house and start becoming a personal oasis you’ll love to come home to.

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