Winter is the season of the year to stay at home, snuggle under a blanket and watch movies for every night of the week. While the wintry months are often referred to as “the cold and flu season”, getting sick actually has little to do with the chilly weather.

Being in a confined space – such as the home – is one of the top reasons you might catch a cold this winter. Poor ventilation and being cooped up with germs and bacteria, means your home might be the thing that’s making you ill.

Stay healthy this winter and ward of unwanted sickness by preventing the spreading of germs and bacteria in every room of the home.


Opening windows to stop the spread of germs

Even though it’s cold, try leave the windows and doors whenever possible; aerating both morning and night is best. Ventilation is key for diluting contaminantsclearing out germs brought in by those with colds and drying out the moisture (usually caused by artificial heating) which serves as the breeding ground for mould to grow.

Just a few minutes each day would be highly beneficial for your health and stop the spread of germs.


Clean sheets and towels prevent germs and bacteria

Your sheets will soak up sweat, body oils, dead skin cells and attract dust mites along the way, making it the optimal environment for germs to spread. Similarly, damp towels will cause bacteria, yeast and mould to grow rapidly.

Put in the effort to wash your sheets and towels once a week on a hot setting to ensure all germs and bacteria is killed. Towels should be changed after every 3rd or 4th use and should be hung up properly to air-dry after each use.

If you’ve been sick with something contagious, it’s important to wash your sheets and towels once you’re feeling better to prevent any chance of getting ill again.


Disinfect house with regular wipe downs

Contact points that are frequently touched by multiple people during the day such as door handles, light switches, taps, cabinet handles and appliances should be wiped down regularly, particularly as these are the places normally overlooked when doing a full clean.

This is a crucial defence to prevent the spread of germs in the home. Keep microfibre cloths and a good-quality disinfectant spray handy so you can wipe down as you need.

Routine cleaning is a proactive approach to prevent the build-up of germs, mould, dust and bacteria. Remember to disinfect cleaning tools such as sponges and cloths to ensure bacteria is killed.

When doing the weekly vacuum and mop, a steam mop provides a chemical-free cleaning option that effectively disinfects the home.


Use hand sanitiser in cold and flu season

Germs most commonly spread from physical contact or the transmission from hands to food. By having hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes placed strategically in the home (such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom etc.), you can prevent yourself getting sick during the cold and flu season by simply by sanitising your hands throughout the day, such as before and after handling food or making contact with other people.

Keeping your house germ-free is easier when you have the right cleaning tools. Find out which cheap accessories could save you time and effort here.