Hoover React Handstick

Hoover has a stellar reputation for bringing out superior products to meet the needs of their audience. The newly released Hoover React Advantage Handstick is no exception, equipped with all the innovative features and advanced technology you’d expect from a top brand like Hoover.

Everything about the Hoover React Handstick was created with the user’s convenience in mind. Packed in a slick design, there are so many things for you and your home to love about this stylish model.

3 Cleaning Modes for Versatile Cleaning

Hoover React has 3 cleaning modes

In the past, handsticks were created for spot-cleans and to give a quick spruce in between those proper vacuum sessions. While the Hoover React Handstick still has the desired features of being cordless and lightweight for easy use, it also comes packed with more power to ensure a comprehensive clean of the home.

At just the press of a button, you can select your desired cleaning mode out of the 3 possible options. The FloorSenseTM Technology can automatically detect a change in floor type and switch the brush roll speed to suit, so your floors enjoy a superior clean whether they’re carpet, hard or tiled.

The Hoover React Handstick also has a Brush OFF mode that prevents dirt and debris being speckled across hard floors. The Brush ON mode keeps the roll at a high-speed when tackling carpets to effectively lift and remove deeply embedded dirt.

Impressive Deep-Cleaning Features

Hoover React features deep-cleaning features

No one wants to vacuum the same spot over and over just to attain a satisfactory result. With the deep cleaning powerhead and expert technology, the Hoover React Handstick achieves the best clean first time round.

Powered by the ONE PWE lithium battery, the vacuum won’t ever fade on performance. And thanks to the WindTunnel SurgeTM feature, pet hair, dirt and dust is all successfully suctioned up for impressive results. A runtime of up to 23 minutes of high-powered cleaning means you won’t have to spend longer than needed on the weekly clean.

The Hoover React Handstick will fully recharge in just 3 hours, so it’s always ready to handle any mess.

Several specialised cleaning accessories come included with the Hoover React Handstick so all above-floor cleaning needs will receive the same deep clean.

Teeming with User-Friendly Features

Convenience with Hoover React Handstick

Vacuuming should be as easy and convenient as possible for you. This is why Hoover has included all the necessary elements for an effortless clean. Without compromising on power, the model remains super lightweight for easy manoeuvrability around the home. The vacuum also detaches into a handvac for getting to those hard-to-reach places without any trouble.

The extra-large dustbin is easy to empty, so you don’t have to ever get your hands dirty. The Hoover dashboard displays the cleaning mode, power level indicator and system maintenance reminders on the handheld for user convenience, and the vacuum is equipped with high intensity LED headlights to brighten those hard-to-see areas.

Decided you now need the Hoover React Handstick in your home? Purchase it online or drop in to your local Godfreys for a demonstration by the experts.