Woman learning how to use vacuum cleaner

When you invest in a quality vacuum cleaner, not only do you want to see the best results, you also want it to last as long as possible. Vacuuming is a weekly task for most people, yet many still don’t know what their vacuum is capable of or how to use it for an all-inclusive clean.

With the correct techniques and appropriate vacuum attachments, you can ensure your house gets the deepest clean, from a top-to-bottom.

Before you start any clean, be sure to empty the bag (or replace if needed). A half-full bag/ canister can hinder the effectiveness of your vacuum.

Conduct a Comprehensive Floor Clean

Cleaning up messy room

Understandably, vacuuming isn’t the most exciting thing to check off the to-do list. For this reason, many people simply do a quick job of running the vacuum head over the floor and then call it a day. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional quick-clean, a thorough vacuum is necessary on a regular basis to effectively remove dirt, hair, allergens and pollutants in the home.

For the best clean, you need the best tools. You can trust top brands such as Vorwerk and Sauber to provide you with a quality vacuum cleaner to suit your home and lifestyle.

Clear Objects from the Floor

Make the process speedier by removing unnecessary clutter, sizable debris and small furniture pieces such as chairs and small tables from the room. This will ensure you are able reach all the corners around bigger furniture pieces with ease and make for a quicker vacuum run.

Go Over the Same Area Multiple Times

More often than not, even a high level of suction power isn’t enough to completely clean an area with one run-over. The best method to ensure all areas are covered is to start in the corner of a room and vacuum horizontally. This also allows you to go over the same spots multiple times.

Use Vacuum Cleaning Attachments Correctly

Using vacuum cleaner attachments

Even though most vacuums come with a small range of tools and accessories, many people forgo these and use the same head for all their cleaning. Not only will this hinder the effectiveness and efficiency of your clean, but it can also damage your vacuum and reduce its lifespan. Read through your model’s manual carefully to determine which vacuum cleaning accessories are used for what and how to use them correctly.

Floor Head Attachments

While some floor heads are suitable for all floor types (hardwood, tile, carpet etc.) not all have this same option. Standard floor heads with brushes attached should always be used on hard flooring in order to protect the surfaces from scratching.

Learn more about the different types of floor tools here.

Above-Floor Accessories

Your model will most likely come with a selection of accessories as well as ones that can be purchased at an additional charge. These tools are key to making your clean easier and much more efficient. Accessories such as the vacuum crevice tool can reach those tight spots in nooks and around air vents, while the dusting brush will maintain your windowsills and bookcases with ease. You can also use a vacuum cleaner upholstery tool for any fabric furniture and a turbo brush for stairs or deep-cleaning areas such as the car interior.

How to Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

A well-maintained vacuum cleaner

With proper care, your vacuum should stay at the top of its game for many years to come. To ensure you are looking after your vacuum adequately, remember to:

  • Regularly check the bag and replace when needed
  • Store your vacuum appropriately
  • Replace and clean any vacuum filters
  • Clean the brush roll (located underneath the floor head)
  • Check for obstructions in the air passages and remove large debris
  • Regularly get your vacuum serviced by a professional.
    • Is your vacuum long overdue for a service or in need of a repair? Get it checked by the cleanliness experts at Godfreys.