Deep cleaning house

Deep cleaning the house is no easy feat. Powerhead vacuum cleaners are a godsend for tackling tough cleaning jobs and giving your home its deepest clean yet.

While some houses would do good using a vacuum with a powerhead, other homes need one. Discover how you could benefit with a powerful vacuum in your hand.

1. For Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning

If you have carpeted floors, a powerful vacuum is a non-negotiable to keeping your home clean and healthy. Dust, dirt and debris cling to the carpet fibres, making it near impossible to remove them with an ordinary vacuum.

Powerhead vacuum cleaners have a motorised brush built in that works to actively lift those carpet fibres and remove deeply embedded dirt, to achieve deep carpet cleaning without any additional stress.

2. To Help with Allergies or Asthma

Allergy sufferer

Allergens lurk everywhere in the home. Dead skin cells. Dust mites. Pet dander. Pollen. Mould. Bacteria. They all accumulate quickly and trigger allergic reactions such as coughing, itching and sneezing in an instant.

To help combat allergies, the best suction is needed from a vacuum. A powerhead vacuum comes fitted with a separate motor in the floor head to drive the motorised brush and effectively eliminate allergen triggers. Proven to be more powerful than a regular floor head tool, it’s the best cleaning tool to help those living with allergies or asthma.

3. If You Have Fur-Family Members

Puppies on carpet

Pets are family, there’s no question about that. But having them indoors sure adds a hefty amount of floof to the floors. Pet hair is hard to get rid of at the best of times, but add carpeted surfaces to the mix and it’s a downright nightmare.

You might think doing a regular clean with your vacuum is enough to keep the fur at bay, but those hairs are going to cling to the carpet and make it impossible to remove entirely. A vacuum with a powerhead will make all the difference, by successfully reaching the hair that has settled below the carpet surface.

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