Father's Day gift ideas

When it comes to gifts for dad, it’s not always easy thinking up something special and unique. But with Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity for the kids to get involved and give something their dad will truly cherish.

There’s no need to spend a crazy amount on expensive stuff when handmade gifts are both thoughtful and creative. Help your little ones make these DIY gifts for dad or grandpa this Father’s Day.

1. Rumballs

Rumballs are great gifts for dad

Image credit: Bake Play Smile

Delicious and easy, rumballs are a classic recipe loved by all. Any dad will feel super spoilt to receive a batch of rumballs made specially for him. This kid-friendly, no-alcohol recipe has just 4 ingredients, making it super simple for them to follow. And if the kids aren’t planning to share, you can add a tablespoon of rum for the grown-ups to enjoy!

Why not wrap the rumballs in cellophane paper tied with some ribbon for that little extra something?

2. I Love You This Much Card

I love you card

Image credit: Tiff Keetch

The best Father’s Day gifts are the ones you know they’ll keep displayed on their desk for years to come. Help your kids make this endearing card – all you need is some colourful paper, scissors, glue and either stick-on letters or pencils.

3. Chocolate Bar Letter Card

Chocolate bar card

Image credit: Tilly Page / Pinterest

Whose dad doesn’t love their chocolate? This nifty idea requires just the purchase of a few choice chocolate bars and a sizeable piece of paper. You can scribe a unique message from your kids or they can do it themselves, and then fill in the appropriate blanks with the chocolate bar that suits.

It’s fun and clever, and dad will have a nice supply of chocolate to last him a couple of weeks! (Or a couple of minutes…)

4. Coupon Jar

Father's Day coupon jar

Image credit: Catch My Party

When it comes to DIY gifts for dad, this coupon jar is bound to be a favourite. With a mason jar and a creative mind, you and the kids can put together some coupons for dad to cash in as he chooses.

Use the page of printable coupons included in the link, or get your own colourful paper to make them yourself.

5. Joke Teller

Joke teller makes a simple Father's Day gift

Image credit: Bren Did

Who hasn’t been the victim of a terrible dad joke? This clever, homemade Father’s Day gift will be one your kids will love to play with their dad. By printing out the free template, your kids can follow the easy folding steps to create a joke teller gift to be enjoyed by all.

After all, no one really appreciates the hilarity of bad dad jokes like the children do!

6. Guess *Whooo* Loves You Card

Guess who card

Image credit: i heart crafty things

If the children are up to some trickier Father’s Day crafts, they’ll love putting together this adorable owl card. And with the inclusion of a lovely photo, it makes it all the more special.

As the owl template is supplied, it’s not too difficult to follow the directions and put together a creative card for dad this Father’s Day.

7. Scribble Mug

Scribble mug

Image credit: i heart arts n crafts

This DIY gift is super easy and just needs a plain white mug along with some stickers and oil-based paint markers (you should be able to find some at your local Officeworks).

Have the kids decorate the mug however they like and voila! It will be ready for dad to enjoy his morning coffee in.

No matter which DIY gift your kids choose, dad is sure to absolutely love the care and thought put into it.

(PS. If you’ve run out of time to create a DIY Father’s Day gift, don’t despair. Save these ideas for next year and/or his birthday, and just buy something easy and practical this time around. How about a car accessory kit, a cordless handvac, or steam cleaner?)