The weather is warming, flowers are blooming, and the days are finally lasting longer. Spring is upon us!

And as the floral season marks a time for renewing and rejuvenating, there’s no better time to bring this good energy through the home.

A spring clean-up of the home paves the way for new beginnings. Create a healthy and beautified home by clearing away the unnecessary clutter, freshening up the décor and scrubbing away nasties such as mould, germs and mildew.

Spring can bring unwanted side effects for those who suffer allergies or asthma. Whilst we can't help cure the allergies, we have an extensive range of allergy & asthma vacuums to keep your home healthy and clean.

We’ll show you how to simplify the process, taking it room by room with these 12 spring cleaning tips.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you’re thinking of everything that needs to be cleaned at once. Tackling your house cleaning jobs by room (maybe doing a room a week/day) will help ease the workload and your stresses.

Spring Cleaning the Bedroom

Spring cleaning the bedroom

1. Spruce Up Your Bedding

It’s time to wash and put away the warm winter doona and replace it with your summer linen. Wash or replace your pillows, sheets and doona cover before remaking the bed. And if your mattress is due for a wash (and it probably is), be sure to deep-clean it as well.

Move your bedframe out of the way so you can properly vacuum the floor underneath it. It’ll be much filthier than you think – and you may finally find that missing sock!

2. Clear Out the Drawers and Wardrobe

No spring clean is complete without culling some clutter. Be ruthless when tidying out your drawers and wardrobe, holding onto the essentials only. Take everything out so you can reorganise your clothes and belongings neatly.

A good tip when it comes to throwing out clothes is to use the 1-year rule: If it hasn’t been worn in a year, it’s probably time to bin or donate it. (This may exclude sentimental items or clothing worn on formal occasions.)

3. Dust and Tidy

Dust and wipe everything inside and out including the bedside tables, cupboards, windowsills, ceiling fans, light switches, and lamps. Vacuum and mop to finish off before adding in any new adornments.

Spring Cleaning the Living Room

Spring cleaning the living room

4. Review Your Collections

Chances are you have a considerable DVD collection sitting in your TV cabinet, unused and gathering dust. Go through your DVDs, CDs, games and books to sift through what you actually use and need to keep.

Any knickknacks you don’t care for anymore should also be cleared.

5. Get Decorative with Storage

It doesn’t take much for a shared living space to be taken over with various items from different family members. Get smart with your storage by using storage ottomans for keeping throws, and baskets for small items such as keys, pens, notebooks or magazines.

6. Give the Furniture Some TLC

Use an upholstery and crevice attachment on the vacuum to thoroughly clean the couches from top to bottom. Any cushions, slipcovers or throws should also be washed. Wipe down the coffee table and TV cabinet with a microfibre cloth and check for signs of wear and tear that can potentially be fixed.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth adding felt soles on the feet of your furniture to protect the floors from scratching.

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

Spring cleaning the kitchen

7. Fridge and Pantry Cleanout

It’s guaranteed there will be foods sitting in your pantry that are well past their use-by date. Take everything out of the fridge and pantry, and throw out all the expired food. Use the same method for your kitchen cupboards and sort through any unused pots, pans or appliances.

8. Wipe Down ALL the Surfaces

The fridge, pantry, cupboards, top shelves, the walls, everything will be well overdue for a good scrub. Clean everything from inside out, getting into all those hard-to-reach nooks and crevices. Any glass or dinnerware that’s been rarely used should also be rinsed to remove dust.

9. Clean the Appliances

Every appliance should be properly scrubbed clean and assessed for whether it needs replacing. This includes the microwave, kettle and toaster. Give special attention to the stovetop and oven to ensure they are in top condition.

Spring Cleaning the Bathroom

Spring cleaning the bathroom

10. Declutter the Cabinets

Clear out the expired prescriptions and empty shampoo bottles that are taking up space in the bathroom cabinet. After doing a quick wipe down of the shelves, reorganise your bathroom products neatly, throwing out any unnecessary packaging. Use clear jars to store cotton buds and Q-tips; not only is it handier, it also looks super stylish.

11. Scrub the Fixtures

Thoroughly scrub the basin, shower, toilet and mirrors to remove any potential mould or mildew that might have grown. Clean the grout to remove any discolouration or stains and check if any broken seals in the shower need replacing.

12. Freshen the Furnishings

Treat your bathroom with some decorations that make it feel a little luxe. A touch of greenery, some scented candles and a wooden tray holding a selection of bath salts and treatments is enough to transform any bathroom into a mini day spa.

A spring clean of your home will do wonders both practically and mentally while also ticking chores off the household cleaning list that often go neglected. Opt for a total refresh and spring into a new year with a cleaner home using the essential guide to Spring.

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