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Bagged, bagless, upright, handheld, stick… with so many different types of vacuum cleaners on the market, choosing the ideal make for your home can be tricky.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum for hard floors, stick vacuum cleaners are an ideal choice. While they might not necessarily match the power of some canister models, their user-friendly features are made with complete convenience in mind.

1. They’re Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Lightweight vacuum cleaners

Lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner around the home only adds to the tediousness of cleaning. Stick vacuums were designed to be lighter and smaller, so they’re easier to manoeuvre around the home. As the most lightweight vacuum cleaners on the market, they are a huge benefit for those who struggle with heavier machine makes.

2. Perfect for Quick Clean-Ups

Portable vacuum cleaner

If someone’s spilt crumbs in the kitchen or if you want to do a spot-clean before a friend comes over, heavier vacuums aren’t made to do those quick spruces. With a stick vacuum, there’s no fuss doing speedy clean-ups between regular vacuuming.

3. Easy to Use

One of the main advantages of the stick vacuum is its cordless feature. This gives the user complete freedom to reach any area of the home or car interior without needing a power source, or to plug and unplug in every room.

The upright design of the stick vacuum adds to its easy use, by encouraging the user to strand straight during cleaning to combat against lower back pain from poor posture.

4. Some Models Can Transform into a Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuum

Versatile as well as easy to use, many stick vacuums have the option of converting into a removable handheld vacuum. This is a terrific tool to have in the home for attending to those smaller cleaning tasks that pop up. A handheld, portable vacuum is all that’s needed for above-floor cleaning and reaching those tight spots.

5. Easy to Store

Those who live in small houses, townhouses or apartments will greatly appreciate how easy it is to store a stick vacuum. With their lightweight, small build they take up much less room than other vacuum makes and have the option to be mounted on the wall to save floor storage space.

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