How to use carpet shampooer like a pro

Maintaining your carpets is a commitment. If you want your carpets to last for years to come, they need proper care and regular cleaning. But you don’t have to outsource to an expert every time your carpets are due for a deep clean. Once you know how to use a carpet shampooer, it’s easy to DIY.

Discover the best way to clean your carpet and achieve professional results when you implement these top tips.

1. Vacuum Thoroughly Beforehand

Prepare the area you wish to shampoo by vacuuming using a powerhead vacuum cleaner. While the carpet shampooer you use will have suction capabilities, it’s important to remove as much of the surface dirt, dust and grime for the shampooer to be more effective.

While vacuuming, pay special attention to high-traffic areas as well as spots that aren’t vacuumed regularly – like corners and under the sofa. Be sure to clear the room you’re cleaning by removing as much furniture as you can.

2. Don’t Overdo the Shampoo

Soap and water

Excess shampoo can be near impossible to clean out. If you use too much and it doesn’t rinse out, your carpet will soon start to attract more dirt and dust particles than before.

Use only the recommended detergent amount or even consider using a tad less. It’s better to go over a tough spot twice than risk over-shampooing the carpet.

3. Manoeuvre the Shampooer in Straight Lines

How to use a carpet shampooer

A carpet shampooer isn’t the same as a vacuum cleaner – it’s not made to be pulled back and forth. The best way to clean your carpet and make the most out of your shampooer is to start in a corner (as close to the wall as possible) and work your way up and down the room in straight lines.

To ensure the entire floor area is covered, be sure to slightly overlap the lines as you go.

4. Run the Shampooer a Second Time Using Just Water

Your carpet shampooer is designed to suck back up excess water and soap, but occasionally it will leave a little extra residue behind. To ensure you’ve removed all traces of soap from your carpets, run your shampooer again with a clean tank of cold water. Doing so will also help keep the carpets cleaner for longer.

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