Vorwerk-Kobold VR200 Robot Vacuuum How-To Guide

The VR200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Vorwerk-Kobold is one of the leading robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Growing in popularity every day, robot vacuums are perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle - or those interested in automating their lives and living in a smart home.


Introducing the Vorkwerk VR200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Vorwerk has released a video series showing the common issues with the VR200 and how to get the most out of your machine.


Make sure you clear the area that is to be cleaned and for maximum effectiveness secure any loose edges, such as rugs and clear debris too big for the vacuum to pick up.


Runtime & Coverage
The VR200 runs up to 90 minutes on eco mode or 60 minutes on normal mode in an empty room on hard floors. Furnished rooms do reduce the runtime but the VR200 will work around objects to ensure full coverage before returning to it's docking station.


The VR200 cleans areas of 4x4m at a time, breaking the room into sections to ensure thorough cleaning of all areas.


Navigation Challenges
The VR200 can run into some navigation issues! Be sure not to lift or move the machine during it's run, and prior to it beginning it's run move anything that blocks it's path..


The Vorwerk Kobold VR200 is available now.