Doing the weekly clean can take hours off precious weekend-time and become a thing to dread. You know it needs to get done, but every week it weighs on your mind as an arduous, time-consuming chore.

No one wants to spend hours doing housework every weekend. Free up your time by using these quick cleaning tips to speed clean the house.

1. Get Motivated with Music

Listening to music is the fastest way to clean your house

If you’re lounging around in your sweatpants and procrastinating getting started, it’s difficult to get in the right headspace to clean. Just as you would get ready for work or an exercise class, you need to get ready to clean; change into some gym clothes and put on some pump-up music to get you motivated.

Music has been scientifically proven to combat fatigue and boredom, and will help keep you energised throughout the quick clean.

2. Set a Timer

The fastest way to clean your house is to utilise a timer and ensure you stick to it. Break up the timing room by room and set a countdown alarm. For example, if your aim is to get the whole house done in under an hour, set aside 10 minutes for each room (kitchen, bathroom, living room, study and bedrooms).

The timing is entirely up to you. The pressure of the timer will ensure you don’t spend longer than necessary on your clean and also make it a bit of a workout – you’ll be glad you’re in your gym wear!

3. Invest in the Best Tools

If your vacuum is out-dated or you’re still using a feather duster, there’s a high chance your making house cleaning more difficult than it needs to be. Make sure all your cleaning tools are up-to-date for effective cleaning. Microfibre cloths are much better at removing dust than a feather duster, and stick vacuums are great for zipping through each room for a quick clean.

If you don’t fancy pulling around a mop and bucket, steam mops are the perfect, chemical-free alternative that will get the job done fast!

4. Simplify Your Supplies

It’s a tad unnecessary to use 10 different cleaning solutions to attend each part of the house. Cut down your supplies by eliminating any single-use products and stick to the all-purpose cleaners and disinfectants you know will get the job done.

5. Carry Your Supplies with You

The right cleaning supplies make for a quick clean

You’ll waste a bit of time going back and forth to the supply cupboard every time you need a different cleaning tool. The most efficient way to clean a house is to carry your cleaning supplies with you in either a tote tray or pocketed apron.

By having the cloths, sponges, gloves and solutions on you while you clean, you’ll save time and effort.

6. Practise Cleaning-as-you-go

The best house cleaning tip for conducting a quick clean is to get into the habit of cleaning during the week so it doesn’t build up by the weekend. Doing a wipe down of the kitchen bench and appliances after dinner, or a quick sweep of the living areas once before work will stop the housework from piling up and leave you with much less to attend to later.

7. Put out Finishing Touches

Fresh flowers in a vase

Have guests coming over? Little homey-touches can do wonders for making the house look splendidly presented – even if you’ve only done a super quick tidy-up. A vase of fresh flowers, some scented candles and pretty décor can give the house a spick-and-span look without any effort.

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