The Wertheim 7 Series has arrived

The new Wertheim 7 Series bagged vacuum cleaner has landed in stores and we’re just a bit excited!


With a seemingly endless list of impressive features, this might be the vacuum that actually gets you looking forward to the weekend cleaning routine.


Here’s what makes the Wertheim 7 Series so special:


Removes 36% more dirt from carpet than the top selling bagless vacuum*
If you don't read anything else today, at least read this: the Wertheim 7 Series has already been independently tested and found to remove 36% more dirt from carpet than the best selling bagless vacuum - what more could you want? To find out the features that allow you to achieve this level of clean in your home and more, read on and find out.


Whirlwind Power Pulse technology in the vacuum power head for a deep clean
The Whirlwind power pulse tech is designed to help you removed deeply embedded dirt from carpets, giving you a thorough clean that gets right to the bottom of the situation.


Digital display
One of our favourite features on this model is the digital display, which lets you know when your dust bag is full, as well as letting you control the suction power used. This means easy transitions between carpet, hard floors and rugs.


Wireless control handle
You can save your back with the convenient control pad on your vacuum handle. Yes please!


4-stage carbon filtration system with a HEPA H13 filter
This top-of-the-line filtration system with Germastadt dust bag technology works to both effectively capture and contain allergens and neutralise odours, making your home look, feel and be cleaner.


On-board tool storage for the 3-in-1 cleaning tool
You’ll never misplace your 3-in-1 crevice, upholstery and dusting tool with convenient and secure on-board storage!


Wertheim 7 Series 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool


Large dust capacity
The 2.5L dust bag capacity means more cleaning time between bag changes, saving you time and effort.


8m power cord
If you’re like us, you hate trying to find the power point in your house that lets you get maximum radius so you don’t have to stop halfway through every time to unplug and change points. The 8m power cord aims to take away that pain by giving you great reach.


Hard floor turbo tool
Want to remove dirt and dust from your hard floors without worrying about scratches? Of course you do. That’s where this specialist hard floor turbo tool comes in – it works to remove debris from hard floors safely and smoothly, while the flexible neck also allows for easy maneuverability.


Wertheim 7 Series Hard Floor Turbo Head


Extended Warranty
The Wertheim 7 Series also comes with an extended warranty and service plan for piece of mind - 2 years on parts and labour, 3 year warranty on the motor and a 5-year free service plan.


And all of this comes wrapped in a sleek barrel vacuum cleaner. Ready to give the new Wertheim 7 Series a spin?

Shop it online or head to your local Godfreys store where you can pick it up and chat to our friendly sales team.


*Independent laboratory test 2017. GFK Australian Sales Data May 2017.