Steam cleaners are the ultimate, versatile tool for keeping your home in tip-top shape without the use of chemicals. They work by using pressurised steam to prise tough grime and dirt from surfaces, which can then be easily wiped or vacuumed.

Not only are they handy for getting to those hard-to-reach nooks and crevices in the home, but they can also be used on almost every kind of surface for an inclusive clean.

So what can you clean with your steamer?

Please note: There are different types of steam cleaners, such as handheld and upright, so always check your steamer is right for the surface you want to clean. For example, some steamers are not suitable to use on mattresses or curtains.


No matter what material they’re made of, the shape of blinds can make them particularly tricky to actually keep clean. And that quick once-over with a feather duster won’t be doing much other than shifting the dust from side to side. Steam cleaners will remove the dirt and sterilise the blinds’ surface, making them easy to wipe clean with a cloth.


Windows with curtains

Curtains usually take a backseat when the cleaning process is underway, and that’s totally understandable. After all, all you’re doing is opening and closing them once a day! Unfortunately, like any other surface, they get pretty musty after a while.

An upright steamer is formulated to tackle upholstery, so it’s the perfect ally to have when combatting the curtains.

Top Tip: When cleaning curtains, carpet and upholstery with your steamer, remember to keep the appliance moving so as not to soak the fabric.


Hard floors, tiles, stairs, carpet… the steamer can clean all of these surfaces and much more. They are highly adept at giving floors a complete and thorough clean, which includes killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. If you have asthma or allergies, your steamer will ensure you remove all the dirt and not just what is visible.

Bathroom Fixtures

A modern bathroom

Do you find that when you’ve just wiped down the bathroom, it’s already needing another scrub? The steam cleaner offers a deep cleaning solution, meaning the results will last much longer. Steamers provide all the right attachments to give your bathroom fixtures the thorough clean they need from constant use. Your steamer will clean your bathroom tiles, mirrors, taps, showers and grout until they’re spotless.


Garments hanging in a closet

Yep, even your garments can be steamed to look professionally made up. Steaming will gently remove wrinkles without compressing the fabric, eliminate odours, and keep them fresh in between washes. Just remember to spot test your steamer on particular fabrics and avoid using it on super fine silk.

Not sure what kind of steam cleaner you need? Check out our comprehensive and detailed Steam Cleaning Buying Guide to help you decide.


Toys for children

Your kid’s toys can get grimy quickly, so finding a solution to safely clean them is a must. You don’t want to be using any harsh chemicals when it comes to things your children will be squeezing and having around their delicate faces! Steam cleaners are the perfect solution to sanitising and deodorising those stuffed animals and toys without using any toxic cleaners.

What Else?

So what else can you use your steamer for cleaning around the house? Pretty much anything! Steam cleaners can also be used on:

  • Glass and Windows
  • Walls
  • Tabletops
  • Stovetops
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Car interiors
  • Pet beds, cages and toys
  • BBQ grills.

Ready to invest in the ultimate cleaning tool? Check out our range of quality steam cleaners, and find the one best suited to you and your home.