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Cleaning for Christmas Guests

Christmas is a truly treasured time of the year. It’s the season to eat a little extra, relax a little more, and – of course – spend quality time with your nearest and dearest.

If you’re planning to host a few get-togethers with friends and family this festive season, there’s no need to stress over the state of your house. You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing it top to bottom before the guests arrive.

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Summer Cleaning Tricks

Ah, summer in Australia. Perfect long, hot days to spend at home with the family while the cricket plays in the background. With school out for the holidays and the kids running around the house all day, it doesn’t take long for it to quickly become bedlam.

Sticky fingerprints. Crumbs on the floor. Toys all over the lawn. Help!

Take the stress out of keeping the house tidy this summer by implementing these cleaning and organising tips.

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Bathroom styles

There’s nothing quite as luxurious at the bathroom in a 5-star hotel. The fluffy white robe and matching slippers, the aroma of sweetly scented candles, the stunning bathroom décor… it all comes together to create the ultimate dreamy oasis.

But you don’t have to check into a hotel for a little pampering.

You can do up your own bathroom (minus the pricey renovation) with just a few simple bathroom accessory ideas.

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Replace iron with garment steamer

There’s little fun to be had with ironing.

Even if you set your ironing board up in front of the TV, doesn’t the couch look much more inviting? Unfortunately, many of our favourite clothing items wrinkle easily, making ironing a chore of necessity.

But not anymore.

A garment steamer will keep your clothes wrinkle-free and looking fresh – without any of the hassle that comes with ironing. Say farewell to the old iron and discover the benefits of using a garment steamer.

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Moving house with a dog

Moving is stressful for everyone involved – including the fur kids. And unlike their humans, they can’t understand why their home life and routine has become so disrupted. Among the chaos and uncertainty, it’s easy for pets to feel displaced and for anxiety to arise.

When moving house with your dog or cat (or bird, hamster, lizard…whoever is part of the family!), you need to give them extra love and attention to help them adjust to their new environment.

We enlisted the help of veterinarian and founder of i-Vet (the world’s first virtual veterinary clinic), Dr Sue Samuelsson, to provide moving house tips to keep your pets calm and happy from start to finish.

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Tidy your home

For those who lead a busy lifestyle – and let’s be honest, that’s just about every person reading this – keeping up with the housework is tough. The start of each week may begin with a spotless home (or as clean as can be expected), but it doesn’t take long for the chores to start piling up all over again.

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Sharing household chores

Whether you’ve just moved in with your partner or you’ve been married for 20 years, it’s easy for arguments to arise over household chores when living together. If either you or your partner feels their workload is uneven, stress levels are guaranteed to rise.

Splitting chores fairly is essential for the happiness and satisfaction of the home and keeping tension to a minimum.

But is it possible to do?

Let’s find out.

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Minimalist house

The art of minimalism is a trend that popped up over recent years and continues to grow in popularity.

If the idea of minimalist living appeals to you, organising your home is the first step. Create a minimalist house by clearing away unwanted junk with these decluttering tips.

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Happy couple in home

Bagged, bagless, upright, handheld, stick… with so many different types of vacuum cleaners on the market, choosing the ideal make for your home can be tricky.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum for hard floors, stick vacuum cleaners are an ideal choice. While they might not necessarily match the power of some canister models, their user-friendly features are made with complete convenience in mind.

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Deep cleaning house

Deep cleaning the house is no easy feat. Powerhead vacuum cleaners are a godsend for tackling tough cleaning jobs and giving your home its deepest clean yet.

While some houses would do good using a vacuum with a powerhead, other homes need one. Discover how you could benefit with a powerful vacuum in your hand.

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