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Sweepers are ideal for larger areas that would take too long to sweep with a traditional broom. View the full range of indoor and outdoor sweepers below, and receive free shipping on all orders over $99.
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Do you regularly have to sweep large areas? Traditional and specialised brooms are fine, but when it comes to bigger spaces, a commercial floor sweeper is both time- and cost-efficient. Browse our current selection of floor sweepers below.


Commercial floor sweepers

Industrial floor sweepers are ideal for property maintenance providers, schools, carparks and even the garage! Clearing dust, dirt and debris from large spaces is made easy with a commercial floor sweeper.

Features you'll love

While features will generally be specific to the brand and model, if you choose to purchase a commercial floor sweeper you can expect to find:

  • Large canister capacities for longer runtimes between emptying
  • Adjustable handle heights for user comfort
  • Wet and dry capabilities on certain models
  • Tough, durable frames.
    • Each sweeper we stock is also simple to operate, as well being designed to minimise user fatigue. So no matter who's handling the floors, they can get it done with ease.


      Great brands at affordable process

      At Godfreys, we believe in stocking the best brands for both quality and value. Nilfisk is known for great performance and technology, so you know you can count on these sweepers to be reliable.

      Don't forget to check out our other commercial cleaning supplies – we have a massive range of brands and products to help keep commercial spaces hygienic and comfortable.


      Free delivery for orders over $99

      Godfreys offer free shipping on all floor sweepers over $99 when you shop online. If you have any questions about our floor sweepers, then don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team. We can be reached either online or in person at your local Godfreys store.