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Godfreys staff are experts in all things vacuuming. Here are some of the best cleaning tips from Godfreys staff members to help you clean your home effectively. 




When buying a vacuum cleaner for polished wood floors, make sure the wheels on the vacuum and floor tool are hard rubber as plastic wheels can scratch the floor. 

Craig, Godfreys IndooroopillyCleaning Tips - Vacuuming


Use the powerhead on your vacuum cleaner to remove allergy-causing dustmites from your mattress.

Godfreys Strathpine


The blower function on your vacuum can be used in a number of ways – not only does it clear out dust from under appliances, but it can also be used to blow up air beds, balloons, and more.

Tamara, Godfreys Mt Gravatt


If you have a bagless vac, try gently blowing out your filters with compressed air as this will extend the life of your filters and help maintain the machines performance. 

Mike, Godfreys Bundall


When vacuuming skirting boards, use a soft dusting brush to prevent scratching.

Robert & Darryl, Godfreys Firle Plaza


Some vacuum cleaners such as the Sauber Intelligence have a sensitive suction control setting, which allows you to clean your window coverings easily no matter what material they are made from.

Robert, Godfreys Erina Fair

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Steam Cleaning

A hand-held steam cleaner can easily clean all of your window tracks in no time at all.

Mike, Godfreys Bundall


You can use the carpet attachment on your steam mop to sanitise your mattresses, which helps maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family.

Jason, Godfreys St Marys  Cleaning Tips - Steam Cleaning


Using filtered water in your steam products will reduce the amount of calcium build up inside; therefore prolonging the life of the machine. 

Kody, Godfreys Ascot Vale


When cleaning with a steam mop, add a few drops of eucalyptus onto the base of the steam mop for an extra-fresh smell when cleaning!

Jason, Godfreys St Marys


Hand-held steamers can be used to clean and sanitise childrens toys. 

Robert & Darryl, Godfreys Firle Plaza


Hand-held steam cleaners are handy for killing off weeds that grow in between paving stones.

Jason, Godfreys St Marys


Never wash your steam pads with fabric softener, as this will make them water repellent.

Kody, Godfreys Ascot Vale


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Cleaning tips - shampooing

To get best result when washing your carpet, dilute the carpet shampoo as per instructions and pre-spray on the carpet. Leave it for 10 minutes and then run fresh water through your washer - the results will be amazing! 

Godfreys Strathpine 


When shampooing your carpet, the key to achieving the cleanest carpet and to ensure your stains do not re-appear is that you must rinse your carpet afterwards just like rinsing your clothes. It leaves the fibres in your carpet nice and soft to walk on as well!  

Rosemarie, Godfreys Ascot Vale


Look for carpet shampooers with an upholstery hose, as this can be used for spot cleaning carpet and cleaning furniture, mattresses and car interiors - saving the cost of calling in a professional.  

Luke, Godfreys Bendigo


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General Cleaning

Microfibre cloths come in very handy in the car, so keep one in the glove compartment to help with cleaning the dashboard. They are also great for cleaning your plasma screen TV.

Jason, Godfreys St Marys


To remove dust mites from your pillows, simply place them into a large plastic bag (Godfreys can supply these with vacuum purchases), insert the vacuum hose into the bag and the vacuum will remove the dustmites and allergens. You can also add a drop of eucalyptus oil to your pillows to freshen them up!

Craig, Godfreys Port Road


When washing windows, use a diluted mix of methylated spirits and water and then dry with micro-fibre cloths for a streak-free finish.

Jason, Godfreys St Marys


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