Commercial Vacuums Guide

Commercial vacuum cleaners can be a wonderful asset to any business, as they are designed to withstand everyday usage and tough cleaning situations. Here is a quick Godfreys Guide to commercial vacuums to help you make informed decisions!


Commercial Vacuum Guide

Do you need a commercial vacuum cleaner?

Many customers that visit us at Godfreys are not sure if they need a commercial vacuum cleaner or a domestic vacuum. As a general rule, commercial vacuums are more suited to situations where you are cleaning larger areas on a regular basis, such as offices or retail stores. Domestic vacuums are designed for once-a-week cleans, whereas commercial vacuums are designed for everyday use. 



What sort of commercial vacuum do I need?

Commercial vacuums come in several shapes and sizes, however the two most popular are canister vacuums and backpack vacuums. Canister vacuums typically have larger capacities, but must be manoeuvred along the ground like a traditional vacuum. Backpack vacuums are increasingly popular, as they allow the user to move freely without having to worry about the vacuum unit getting in their way. Backpacks tend to have smaller capacities as they must be carried by the user. 

In terms of size, you can get backpacks with a 5L capacity right through to large commercial canister vacuums with 80L capacities. For a standard retail store, any commercial vac with a capacity over 20L should be sufficient for everyday cleaning.



Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wet and dry commercial vacuums are particularly useful in businesses where moisture regularly needs cleaning up. Most wet & dry units allow you to attach a vacuum bag for cleaning up dry dust and dirt, and then remove the vacuum bag when its time to clean up watery spills. They have special components to prevent the water damaging the unit, and tend to be popular with plumbers and those with workshops. 



How long do commercial vacuums last?

Most commercial vacuums come with a 12-month warranty, but this depends on the brand and model. As a standard rule, most commercial cleaners replace their vacuum once every year if they use it every day. 



More Information

If you have any questions about any commercial vacuum cleaner, pop into your local Godfreys and ask the product experts - they'll be happy to answer your questions for you. Enjoy!

Godfreys Team


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