A Guide To Steam Mops

Steam Mop

Steam mops are a great way to reduce your cleaning time and therefore workload. With the variety of steam mops on the market these days, choosing one that suits your needs can be difficult…so here are a few tips!

Choosing Your Steam Mop 

  1. The bigger the house the bigger the water tank needed, otherwise you will be running back and forwards to the tap to refill. Make sure your tank has a hard water filter to reduce scaling; it also increases the life of the mop.
  2. Time is of the essence, so a fast heat up time is essential, you don’t want to be waiting 3-5 minutes for the steam to appear…30 seconds or less is the bench mark. A trigger to control the amount of steam being delivered also helps.
  3. The shape of the mop head will make a difference, triangular is best for getting into corners, and a good swivel joint on the head for getting around your furniture. Make sure it comes with a carpet glider as well.
  4. Last but not least the cloth should be microfibre, the steam lifts the dirt off the floor but it is the cloth that takes it away and microfibre traps the dirt effectively but will release it when washed and lasts the longest.




Using Your Steam Mop on Hard Floors

Steam mop Pad


Once you have selected your steam mop, getting the most and the best out of it is the next step. You will need to sweep or vacuum your floor first to remove the loose dirt, a great tip for this if you are vacuuming is to use a soft bristled floor head; they not only care for your floors but the soft bristle also pick up the finer dust far better than normal vacuum combination heads. 

Prepare your mop as per the instructions for the machine. Change the mop head cover as often as needed during the clean, microfibre is like a sponge as it can only hold so much dirt. If your mop only has one cover in the box, buy an extra pair - in an average 4 bedroom house you will need two to three covers.

You can open doors and windows to create a cross breeze to help dry the floor, but it is not essential as the mops do not leave the floors soaking like a mop and bucket will.

Do not leave the mop sitting in one location while turned on as it may damage your floor.


Using Your Steam Mop on Carpets

Optim Plus Steam Mop


Steam mops are great for refreshing high traffic areas, this can be done using a carpet glider attachment. A great little trick is to spray a small amount of carpet spotter on the carpet prior to steaming and you will find the steam clean is more effective. If you have any stains you can use the same process to help lift them out.

Be careful not to leave the mop sitting in one location as it may damage your carpet. 



Care of Your Steam Mop

Wash the cloth covers on a regular basis, if you have microfibre do not use fabric softener as this damages the cloth, and remember to dry them in the shade as sunlight also damages microfibre.

If you do not have a hard water filter a good trick is to use distilled water to prevent scale build up. Scale in the tank can block the steam line and this is not normally covered by the warranty.


If you have any other queries about steam mops, feel free to ask as our friendly staff will be able to help you out. 


Jake Holliday