Jim's Cleaning

Jim's Cleaning VIP Customer

The Godfreys VIP Customer program is tailored to professionals who live and breathe ‘clean’.

We understand the challenges faced in the cleaning profession and this is why we stock Australia’s largest range of cleaning supplies. Godfreys are your one-stop-shop. Find your local store with our Store Finder providing easy access to your tools of trade, or you can shop online anytime


Terms and Conditions

To support our partnership with Jim's Cleaning, Godfreys will provide a core range of product lines to Jim's Cleaning Franchisees at low discounted prices every day.

Jim's Cleaning Range (As at 10.10.2017):




Jim's Cleaning Price


Jim’s Cleaning Franchisee Starter Pack




Pullman Advance Commander 900




Uni900 Bags 10pk




Mega Gulper Advance




The Jim's Cleaning Range described above is offered at pricing exclusive to registered Jim's Cleaning Franchisees who log in to the www.godfreys.com.au website using their Jim's Cleaning account as outlined in the Welcome Pack and Welcome Email, or who identify themselves with the provided Jim's Cleaning Customer card in store.  This pricing is subject to change and Godfreys will endeavour to advise Jim's Cleaning Franchisees in writing prior to making any changes.  The Jim's Cleaning Range may change based on manufacturer availability. All Franchisees will be notified accordingly.

As a VIP Customer you are automatically entitled to 10% discount off RRP across the entire Godfreys Commercial Cleaning range, unless the product is already on sale.  This offer is subject to change at the discretion of Godfreys Group Limited. Godfreys will endeavour to advise Jim's Cleaning Franchisees in writing prior to making any changes

10% discount applies to products purchased. Services and other fees are exempt form 10% discount. Services include Labour charges for Service, Repair, or Test & Tag.

Godfreys Group Limited will retain information relating to purchases for reporting back to the Jim's Cleaning Franchisor and may use that information for the purposes of marketing to Jim's Cleaning Franchisees.  No personal information will be shared with 3rd parties.

If you have any issues or queries, please contact Customer Service 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm on 1800 815 270.