Level of Clean


Not all vacuums are created equal. There is a big difference between an entry-level vacuum cleaner and a premium vacuum unit, and Godfreys have developed the Level of Clean system to help you understand the differences between these machines.


Level of Clean Single


Single Action Vacuum Cleaners

Single Action vacuum cleaners use a suction-only action. The suction or airflow is used to clean the carpet or hard floors, however Single Action vacuum cleaners are effective only on the surface.


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Double Action Vacuum Cleaners Level of Clean Double

In addition to suction, Double Action vacuum cleaners use a rotating brush that is designed to lightly sweep the carpet. Double Action vacuum cleaners are particularly effective on hair and lint and are much lighter to use.


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Triple ActionLevel of Clean Triple

Triple Action vacuum cleaners use deep cleaning technology which combine superior suction, a fast moving motorized brush roll to open the pile and lift hair & lint, and either advanced airflow technology or a vibrating action to get the dirt that is right at the base of the carpet. Overall dirt removal is far higher than Single or Double Action vacuum cleaners, and using a Triple Action vacuum cleaner results in a healthier home for you and your family.


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