Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are a great alternative to a traditional mop and bucket because they’re easier to use, they get the job done faster, and they remove 99% of germs from your hard floors. If you have toddlers or pets and spend a significant amount of time keeping your floors clean, then one of these appliances is definitely worth the investment.

Godfreys has a range of different steam mops and cleaners available, including handheld models, upright steam mops and cylinder cleaners. A handheld steam cleaner can also be used as a car steam cleaner, because it’s small enough to use inside your vehicle and powerful enough to do a thorough job. Steam mops generally have small water tanks, meaning they hold enough water to clean the main areas of your home but might need to be refilled if you have a large expanse of tiles. A cylinder steamer, however, has a much larger water tank capacity than a steam mop and is ideal for larger homes with lots of tiles.

What are steam cleaners used for?

Understanding what steam cleaners are used for will make your decision to buy one a lot easier. In short, you can use these appliances to keep your hard flooring (particularly tile floors) spotlessly clean. They are ideal for cleaning muddy tiles, as well as removing paw prints, pet stains and other household spills. Steam cleaners are not recommended for vinyl, laminate or unsealed timber floors as they can result in warping and other damage over time. However, some models can be used for cleaning carpets.

A handheld steam cleaner can be used to clean bathroom tiles, glass shower partitions and glass windows. Since they can also clean the upholstery inside your car and the exterior of your car’s engine (removing dirt, oil and grease very quickly without damaging the engine) they’re sometimes called a car steam cleaner, making them an extremely versatile option. A good strategy is to pick a model that combines both a floor steamer and a hand steam cleaner, giving you the best of both worlds.

What is the best carpet cleaning solution for steam cleaners?

If you want to know what the best carpet cleaning shampoo for steam cleaners is, it depends on the surface you’re trying to clean. If you’re cleaning tiles or glass, you don’t need to use anything but the natural steam produced by your steam appliance. On the other hand, if you purchased a steam cleaning appliance that also cleans carpets, we sell shampoos specific to whichever brand you purchased and the type of stain that needs to be removed. Just give us a call or drop in to one of our stores and we can help you decide which detergent is best for your needs.

Here are our picks for the best steam cleaners in each category:

Best cylinder steam cleaners

  • Wertheim Pro Multi Steamer W7800: This steamer features a 2L tank capacity, powerful 2400-watt motor and 5m power cord. Designed for hard floors and tiles, this all-in-one steamer also includes a handheld steam cleaner attachment for glass walls and tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. It also comes with a variable steam dial and 14 specialised accessories, including a 1.8m hose that makes cleaning floors, walls, windows and upholstery a breeze.

Best handheld steam cleaners

  • Bissell Little Green® Portable Spot Stain Carpet Cleaner: Ideal for spot-cleaning carpets, this portable steamer comes with a 1.4L water capacity and 350-watt motor. It’s also a great little car steam cleaner, with a tough brush for tackling hard-to-remove stains.
  • Hoover Heritage Hand Steamer: If you want a spot cleaner for tiles, this Hoover steamer is a great option. It features a 0.32L capacity, 1200-watt motor and a large range of accessories.

Best upright steam mop

  • Hoover Dual Steam Plus Steam Mop: This steam mop features a 0.3L water tank capacity, powerful 1600-watt motor and 6m power cord. It also comes with a dual tank design, swivel head and adjustable steam control. For added versatility, it comes with 14 accessories including a hand steamer.

For help selecting the best steam cleaner for your needs, why not chat to one of our experts online or in-store today?

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