Steam mops are a great alternative to a traditional mop and bucket, as they only require tap water to effectively clean hard floors. Godfreys has a huge selection of steam mops to choose from, and you will also receive free delivery on all online orders over the value of $99.

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Steam Mops at Godfreys

Looking for a fast way to clean your floors effectively? Steam mops are a great alternative to the traditional mop and bucket, offering an efficient way to get clean, fresh floors every time.

Choose from a large selection of mops when you shop with us at Godfreys. From your basic everyday models through to powerful multi-purpose steamers that can clean and sterilise almost every surface in your home, you shouldn't have any difficulty finding the perfect cleaning solution in this range.

With top brands available, including Black & Decker, Hoover, Wertheim and Bissell, you can count on these mops and cleaners to get the job done properly. While features vary based on the model you select, you can generally expect to find adjustable steam control, practical water tanks, and lightweight and manoeuvrable designs, letting you get into tight corners with ease.

Benefits of steam mops

Why choose a steam mop over a standard mop? While traditional mops are still the go-to style for many people, steam mops are becoming an increasingly popular choice. This is because they are:

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap to maintain
  • Able to provide chemical-free floor cleaning
  • Easy to store.
  • With no need to purchase cleaning detergents over the lifetime of the mop, the minimal maintenance costs tend to balance out the initial cost of a steam mop.

    How do steam mops work?

    Steam mops harness the power of steam instead of using potentially harmful chemicals, making them safe to use in home environments, even those with children or pets. Set-up time is fast as they only require tap water and power. Some models offer additional capacity for cleaning chemicals if required, but generally, water should be all you need to get your floors looking fresh.

    The steam loosens dirt on sealed hard floors, and the steam mop pad then wipes this away as you clean, leaving your floors looking amazing. Some models allow for steam adjustment, so you can change the output depending on the surface that needs cleaning. Other models, such as the Sauber Brilliance, use dry steam for more powerful and versatile steam cleaning. Developments in steam cleaning technology mean most steam mops both heat up quickly for initial use, and cool fast when not being used. They also come with resting pads, which help prevent any damage to your floors if you need to pause while cleaning.

    Any home can benefit from a steam mop, but they're especially suited to houses that feature several hard floors. Rather than struggling to clean your place properly, a steam mop can be used to sterilise these kind of surfaces quickly and easily.

    Free delivery for orders over $99

    We offer free delivery on all orders over $99. If you purchase your steam mop online, you may be able to take advantage of this great offer.

    Want to see our steam mops in action? Check out the product videos using the tabs on each product's page, or head into your nearest Godfreys store for a free demonstration. If you have any additional questions about any of the steam mops on our site, call us on 1800 815 270 or contact us online and we will help you out!

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