Upright vs Barrel Vacuum Cleaners


Many customers come to us and ask for our advice on whether or not they should purchase an upright vacuum cleaner or a barrel vacuum cleaner. Here is some information to help you make a decision based on your cleaning needs and lifestyle. 



Upright Vacuums 


  • You don't have to tow it around behind you
  • Built-in brushing action, which helps to remove dirt and dust that is deeply embedded in your carpet
  • The brushes provide a wider cleaning area, so you cover more ground with each cleaning movement
  • Uprights generally include accessories which can be stores on board the vacuum such as crevice tools and dusting brushes
  • Some uprights can be used on hard floors by changing the setting


  • Slightly weaker suction than other vacuum models
  • Can take up more storage space than other vacuum models

View Godfreys range of upright vacuum cleaners here.



Barrel Vacuums


  • Versatile and portable
  • Can be used for carpets, hard floors, stairs and other surfaces
  • Generally have stronger suction
  • Can be used with a Turbohead or Powerhead to increase cleaning power
  • Generally have more attachments than upright vacuums for more cleaning situations


  • Can be heavy and cumbersome in some extreme cases
  • Have seperate hoses and rods which can be awkward to store

View Godfreys range of barrel vacuum cleaners here.


It's really up to each individual customer as to which vacuum model they prefer. Visit your nearest Godfreys store and they will be able to demonstrate the different vacuum models so you can find the perfect vacuum. 

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