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So you’re trying to decide between a bagless vacuum cleaner and a bagged model? While the choice often comes down to individual preference, here are some of the benefits of a bagless cleaner to help you make your decision.

Benefits of a bagless vacuum cleaner

Bagless cleaners can be emptied very quickly because all you need to do is flip the lid of the canister and empty it into the bin. On the other hand, bagged vacuums involve removing the bag from the vacuum and then opening, emptying, replacing and refastening the bag, all of which takes time.

You also need to keep buying bags, which can be expensive if you fill them up quickly. With a bagless vacuum, there’s also the benefit of seeing everything that’s sucked up into the canister. So, if you’ve lost an earring, for example, it can be easily located and retrieved. Trying the same thing with a bagged vacuum cleaner can get very messy.

What is the best bagless vacuum cleaner?

When trying to determine the best bagless vacuum cleaner on the market, it’s a hard question to answer without getting to know the customer. That’s because we have bagless cleaners that are perfect for people with allergies and pets, while others are better for certain types of flooring – from wooden floors and tiles to carpets – and some can tackle a combination of floor types.

For many people, price is also a huge factor in their decision. However, as part of our great range of bagless cleaners, we have affordable bagless vacuum cleaner at low prices as well as more expensive models. So, the decision is up to you.

What is the best bagless vacuum cleaner for allergies and pet hair?

If someone in your family suffers from allergies or you have pets in your home, then we have the ideal vacuums for you. Models in our Hoover and Electrolux bagless ranges are all fitted with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that’s designed to trap 99.97% of micro-particles (0.3 microns). These very small particles tend to evade regular filters, so HEPA filters are recommended for people with allergies, as well as for floors that collect a lot of pet hair. Here are a few of our bagless vacuum options that include a HEPA filter:

  • Hoover Allergy Bagless Vacuum Cleaner: Features a self-propelling powerhead to remove embedded dirt and dust from carpeted surfaces, advanced multi-cyclonic technology, carbon and HEPA filters and a handheld turbo tool.
  • Hoover Regal Vacuum: Features a self-propelling and adjustable powerhead for even deeper carpet cleaning, HEPA and carbon filters, bright LED lights, an accessory kit and a one-touch system for easier emptying.
  • Hoover Action Pets Vacuum: Features a powerhead that’s ideal for removing pet hair, a deep-cleaning powerhead, LED lights and a HEPA filter.
  • Electrolux Pure C9 Eco-Friendly Vacuum: Features a turbo floor head that’s ideal for carpeted flooring, an easy empty system and a HEPA filter, plus it’s made from 60% recycled plastic.
  • Electrolux Silent Performer Eco-Friendly Vacuum: Features a Silent Power Pro System that combines an energy efficient motor with a Dust Magnet Silent floor head. It also has an easy empty system and a HEPA filter and is made from 55% recycled plastic.

How to empty a bagless vacuum cleaner

Your bagless vacuum cleaner will have a clear canister that needs to be detached from the actual vacuum and emptied into the bin. Most bagless models have a simple button that, when depressed, opens the bottom of the canister so the dust and debris can be emptied. It’s important that you always hold the canister close to the bin so that the dust doesn’t escape into the air, and close the top of the bin quickly once the canister has been emptied. It’s also a good idea to empty the canister after every vacuuming session or when it’s about 75% full. If it’s too full, you might find that some of the debris sticks to the bottom of the canister.  

If you need help selecting the best bagless vacuum for your home, why not chat to one of our experts online or in store today?

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