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Vax Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Vax’s lightweight stick vacuums offer cordless cleaning convenience and fade-free performance. Powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, they can help you deal with common household messes. If you need a vacuum that’s simple to operate and leaves your floors looking and feeling fresh, Vax has you covered.

As one of the UK’s best-selling floorcare brands, you can rely on Vax to help you achieve exceptional cleaning results. Vax floorcare products are manufactured based on customer feedback, so you’re sure to be impressed with their performance. Offering a combination of impressive power and portability, Vax cordless models are easy to manoeuvre. Designed to pick up deeply embedded debris, they’re the ultimate floorcare accessory.

The Vax Blade Slimvac Handstick features helix technology to maximise cyclonic performance. This means its horizontal dust bin has three-dimensional support, creating a direct path from the floor to the main source of suction power. It also has a SMART Control dial so you can adjust your vacuum’s power depending on the type of surface you need to clean. To extend the lifespan of your vacuum’s battery, simply dial down the power to suit the task at hand.

This model also comes included with a built-in handvac. If you need to clean up a minor mess or a hard-to-reach area, simply detach the handvac and use it as a separate cleaning tool.

Not sure if a Vax stick vacuum is the right choice for your home? From thick carpet to timber floorboards, these cordless cleaning machines can be used on a wide range of flooring materials. Order your Vax cordless vacuum online to experience the advantages of cordless cleaning today, or visit Godfreys to see our stick vacuum range in person.

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