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Once you’ve decided an upright vacuum is right for your home, next you have to decide which one to buy. After all, everyone needs a clean home, which makes buying a vacuum a very important purchase. At Godfreys, we have a large range of vacuums, but how do you know which upright vacuum cleaner to buy? 

To help you make the right choice, here are four of the key features worth considering before making your final decision.

  1. Easy to use: An upright cleaner is one of the easiest vacuums to use because you push them in front of you, rather than dragging them behind. They’re also ideal for anyone with a bad back, as there’s no real reason to bend over and strain yourself. With many models, you can also adjust the height of the vacuum for even more comfort.
  2. Area coverage: An upright vacuum has a very large head, so it can cover more ground than other models. This means you can stand in one spot and clean a good chunk of your floor without needing to walk around. It also means that it won’t take as long to finish vacuuming as it might with other models.
  3. Deep cleaning: Most upright cleaners come with a motorised brush or a powerhead, making them ideal for vacuuming deep pile carpets. This feature also makes an upright vacuum cleaner ideal for allergy sufferers or pet owners, even if it doesn’t have a HEPA filter. That’s because these vacuums clean deeply, removing as much dust as possible from your carpets, and keeping your home cleaner and more hygienic.
  4. Adjustable head height: This is a great feature if you have a combination of tiles, hard woods, laminate and carpets (particularly deep pile carpets or rugs). That’s because an upright vacuum with an adjustable height makes it easier to remove all the dust and mess from every flooring surface in your home, regardless of their mismatched heights.

What is the best upright vacuum cleaner to buy for allergies and pet hair?

For allergy sufferers and pet owners, the best upright vacuum has either a HEPA filter or one that’s just as good at removing airborne particles, dust and pet hair. You also want a vacuum that has a motorised head so it has the power to really clean your home. Here are Godfreys’ best picks for people with allergies and pet owners.

  • Hoover Complete: The features of this Hoover upright vacuum include a HEPA filter and an adjustable motorised powerhead to really give your carpets a deep clean. It also comes with a detachable wand, 2.4m flexible hose and mini-turbo tool for cleaning upholstery.
  • Vorwerk Kobold VK200: This model features ultrasonic sensors that instantly adjust the power to suit any type of flooring, as well as an optional mop, carpet freshener and upholstery brush. It doesn’t come with a HEPA filter, but it does have a filter that removes 99% of airborne particles. This upright vacuum cleaner also has an automatic stop-start function and an easy-to-read LED filter bag level display.

What is the best upright vacuum for general use?

If you’re not worried about a HEPA filter, there are plenty of other models that have great features. Here are Godfreys’ picks for the best upright vacuum cleaners providing all-round functionality and ease of use.

  • Bissell Crosswave Pet Hard Floor Cleaner: Features of this upright vacuum include Smart Touch controls and a two-tank system for both vacuuming debris and washing hard surfaces. It also has a tangle-free brush and strainer that pick up and separate pet hair, so it doesn’t become tangled in the brush.
  • Hoover Essential: Features of this Hoover upright vacuum include a motorised powerhead with a wide brush, bagless technology, a detachable wand and a variety of useful accessories.

For help selecting the best upright vacuum for your home, why not chat to one of our experts online or in store today?

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