Bagless vacuum cleaners use modern technology to collect dust effectively without using vacuum bags. View our large range of bagless vacuums below, and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99!

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners


Bagless vacuum cleaners are an increasingly popular choice when it comes to vacuuming your home or workplace. This vacuum cleaner design means that you won't have to purchase vacuum bags for your vacuum, however you will need to ensure that your vacuum filters are cleaned regularly. Bagless models come in a variety of vacuum cleaner designs - you can get bagless upright vacuums, bagless stick vacuums, bagless handheld vacuums, and of course the popular bagless canister vacuum cleaner. Godfreys stock bagless vacuum cleaners from all the top brands, including Vax, Hoover, Electrolux and more. For those who prefer smaller machines, Godfreys have lots of compact and lightweight bagless vacuums. You may find it helpful to read our blog article entitled A Guide To Bagless Vacuums.


These can be easily moved around the home and can be stored out of the way easily in a cupboard or under the bed once you have finished vacuuming. Several bagless vacuum cleaners stocked by Godfreys are also great for people with allergies, and these can be found in our anti-allergy vacuum cleaner section. For more detailed information on the benefits of owning a bagless vacuum cleaner, you can read our section on Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners to help you make your decision. If you need accessories for your bagless vacuum cleaner, such as vacuum filters or replacement parts, then you can search for these using our Accessory Finder. Godfreys offer free shipping on all bagless vacuum cleaners over $99, to help make your online shopping experience easier.