How To Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Last Longer

Make your vacuum last longer


Are your vacuum cleaners always breaking down? 

Here are a couple of simple things that you can do at home to help your vacuum cleaner last longer and save you a trip to the repair shop!


  • 1)  If you have a bagged vacuum, change the vacuum cleaner bag before it is 100% full. If you have a bagless vacuum make sure you clean your filters after every vacuum. This will keep the suction strong and prevent the motor from overheating


  • 2)  If your vacuum has a rotary brush, clean it frequently to prevent it from jamming and wearing out the belt


  • 3)  Regularly check and clean the vacuum rods and hoses so that there are no air restrictions that could reduce the suction and possibly overheat the motor


  • 4)  Clean the HEPA filter and motor filter every 2 months and replace these every year. Don’t use your vacuum filters for more than 50 hours of vacuum cleaner use; your lungs and your vacuum motor will thank you for changing these!


  • 5)  Service your vacuum cleaner every year. During the service the vacuum is pulled apart and cleaned out thoroughly to remove dust that accumulates in and around the motor and internal filters. A service will make your vacuum work more efficiently and last longer in most cases - after all, a vacuum cleaner is the only electrical appliance that is constantly sucking dirt into itself!


  • Godfreys Girl6)  Pick up large items off the floor rather than vacuuming them into the machine where they could cause a blockage


  • 7)  If you are hanging up your flexible vacuum hose for storage, have it make a rounded bend rather than a sharp one. This will prevent kinks from forming in your vacuum hose in future


  • 8)  Do not pick up plaster dust, carpet powders or very fine dust. This dust does not stop in the filters and will go straight to your motor, causing damage  


  • 9)  Turn the vacuum cleaner off before removing the plug from the wall


  • 10)  Use the vacuum only on dry surfaces unless it is specifically described as a wet & dry vacuum. Vacuuming up liquids into a machine that isn't designed for this purpose will cause immediate damage to the vacuum unit!


Hopefully all these tips will help make your vacuum cleaner last and have great suction over the lifetime of the cleaner.

If your vacuum cleaner does happen to break or you just want your vacuum serviced, drop it in to your local Godfreys store and they will be able to help you out! You can view our service and repairs information here



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